Sunday 2 pm SL time

A shout out to Blues fans looking for a new DJ at Smokestack Lightening Blues Club to get to know. We found her Sunday afternoon, doing her second set for the club. She had done a guest shot the week before, and we missed it. What a pleasure it was to acquaint ourselves with this Lady DJ, whose spin on the Blues is a celebration.

” I love to play the blues.. It isn’t sad music, it is heal your soul and celebrate life music. It can take you from the lowest point and shoot you right up to the moon Music. And I live for sharing that with others. I don’t think of my time as dj’n, I think of it as sharing records with friends”

She loves your requests, thrives on the sharing and making your visit with her one you will long remember. She had the whole room laughing and dancing, it was a party atmosphere that just grew and grew.

Make a note on your calendar, there is always something happening at the Stack, but make a point of coming down Sunday at 2 PM for an afternoon with Dj RO RO

Today a Smokestack Lightning Blues Club.. grab your ticket here

Help us grow.. like us and put us in your picks.. Keep the blues alive …

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Saturday 28th. lineup

Meet the DJs on Saturday’s roster. Missing is DJ Unruly who will be on at 4 PM.

Start your day with DJ Q, he’ll get you started .. once he gets you going, you will be hooked and stay all day. All the talent at Smokestack will play your requests, come help set the mood. Grab your ticket to ride under the Smokestack train

You’ve not experience a more eclectic group of talent .. as you do when you come party at the Smoking Smokestack Lightnin’ Blues club.

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DJ Silver

Who is this DJ Silver. Well darned if I know. Silver haired fox.. no.. he is a silver/white wolf .. a wolf who runs the night, chasing stars to keep fit. If you are looking for a talker to spin you yarns, he is not your man. If you are looking for a music maestro, someone who knows almost any genre of music,. his love being the blues… then you want DJ Silver. He will surround you and drown you in a harmonic cloak of blues, from electric to acoustic. From heart stopping tear wrenching blues to guitar solos that will have you crawling the walls. Check him out. Friday 8pm SL time

The roster today 27th/ is a full one. Starting at 10 a.m.)DJ Lou) and ending with the popular DJ Silver.

10 am. DJ Lou (host Darlin’Perfect)

12 noon DJ Wayvz (host Ginny)

2 pm. DJ Frog

4 pm. DJ Blue (host Meena)

6 pm. DJ Fiz (host Rose)

8 pm DJ Silver (host Rori)

You’ll find your ticket to ride under DJ Silver’s photo. and here

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Smokestack Lightening Blues presents a blues event each and every day. Today is no exception.

That is DJ TC upper right corner. Great line up isn’t it. Don’t miss it, come and stay if you can, or drop in with friends when time permits. Smokestack is the place to be. The talent, the crowd, Smokestack is home away from home. All the greatest Blues, lawd what else can you ask for.

Like the club, put it in your picks.. support the great DJs that play at Smokestack, join their groups, stay informed. You are always WELCOME at SMOKESTACK LIGHTNING BLUES club.

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Smokin Dj BUZZ

STOP itis DJ Buzz

What can I say, if you are not here you are not hearing and seeing the moves of this delinquent pirate.. DJ Buzz. He looks like one mean dude but.. not so. His lovely Host Jeany Butterbunns is an animated “Barbie doll” a real princess. What a duo. He plays every Saturday 12 pm to 2 pm and.. yes there is an and.. Sunday from Noon till 2 pm

Woot.. and you get another chance Wednesdays from Noon till 2 pm. These two have worked together for a long time.. like gin and water, they are smooth. Check them out.

No excuse here is your train ticket ..

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Smokestack Lightning Blues

Well Guys and Gals.. you are in for a hot swinging week-end. Here is what you can expect today Friday. March 20

The last DJ on this evening at 8 pm SL time is DJ Silver, This foxy wolf is a handful, his set is filled with music to listen and dance to. Bring your friends, invite everyone you know he will be the perfect end to the a blues filled day.

DJ Silver and his dog

DJ Silver is a man who can and will introduce you to a side of Blues that you all want to get to know better. You’ll feel it, you will love, laugh and get fully taken in Come enjoy the experience.

the one and only DJ Noma Falta Saturday 20th at 8 PM

Noma Falta AVI Choice Winner 2016 for favorite blues singer and favorite Jazz singer. Also affectionately called the Queen of Blues.

That is right .. here at Smokestack Saturday, March 21, 8 pm SL time. She will take you on a special journey. Don’t miss it.

Here is your ticket.

Stay tuned



St Patrick day surprise DJ Wayvz is in the house

Hubba hubba.. guess who is playing RIGHT NOW our very own DJ Wayvz…I kid you not, he dropped in, saw there was a group, and set up. He is rocking the joint. How cool is that. That is DJ WAYVZ always ready!!! he’ is hawt and keeps getting hotter, come one down.. there is your taxi.. Come on down.. Come party with the one and onlyh Dj WAYVZ,

Stay tuned…




Whoa, back up there baby.. Who is that! Where have you seen this face before.. still can’t place him.. LOL.. I can tell you where you will find him NOW..

DJ Q has been around.. oops didn’t come out right.. DJ Q is a DJ with a past… oh.. maybe should say it a different way… Darn.. all I can tell you is that this man is an all in one package. Oh “lard” help me out.. DJ is a multifaceted talent. phew. that sounds better. You just have to come catch one of his sets to find out who this “mystery” man is. If you are a regular to this blog, then you lucky. Why. Cuz you have time to get read, gather your friends and come check him out. He is on this evening. March 17. at 8 pm SL time.

With him will be dynamic host.. Rose..

multi talented lady – owner of her own fashion shop and hostess with the mostess

Today Guys and Gals, at Smokestack March 17 8 pm SL time. Don’t miss out.

Stay tuned



DJ Frog everyone. Now this is a DJ who is a chameleon .. both on and off the stage.. he is always surprising you. You think he has got your attention, and then.. just as you relax with his patter, he stuns you with a zinger. You are either gonna love him or want to come back only to see if he is really “the” Frog. I suspect that depending on his mood, you will be either charmed with his music, or up and dancing with no control.

DJ Frog hails from the UK (Liverpool) when I read his profile, I thought, now this guy can be naughty and nice. Bit of a philosopher too.. smiles.. read his 1 st. window. Gonna let you visit the club and look it up for yourselves.

A regular DJ at Smokestack Lightning Blues… really. There is only one DJ Frog.

This is a club you want to experience. Put them in your picks… come often, bring your friends, they will thank you.

I caught his show on Wednesday 2 PM, he plays Fridays at 2 PM too. Its early for some of you, take a coffee break, drop in.

Stay tuned.

China Dream

Smokin’ dj DEE

Looks like an angel..NOT.. this gal is smokin’hot, not only is she co-owner of Smokestack Lightning Blues she is the temptress DJ on Saturday 2pm Sunday 8 pm.. and Mondays 4 pm. When she is not playing her tunes for you, you can find her on the bar when she is being playful. Yes this Kitten has claws, but she can purr, and ham it up, so that you can be fooled, be aware, she is “boss” =^_^=

Trained as a vocalist, she studied jazz and commercial music as a voice major. You will see her influences in the the song list and variety of artist she will introduce you to. No two sets will be the same. Don’t be shy come on down and enjoy all of her “Sass” and the delights she will serve up to you.

Come party with Dj Dee. The gripping deep tracks will reach in and hold you.. making you a true Smokestack Blues fan. More on DJ DEE to come..

Stay tuned.