News August 14

August 15th. Monday – 5 pm – saxophonist Trowzer Boa will take to the stage at Nat’s Jazz Club … after a hard day at the office, what better way to kick of an evening of pleasure .. If you are looking for something to do Monday before Trow’s set,. DJ Riff will be on stage at 2 pm with his eclectic selections, followed by the very talented DJ Caron at 4 pm.

Taxi to Nat’s

Nat’s Jazz Club is the IN place to be for entertainment, we all know that, this coming week, DJ Speelo will be back Tuesday, August 16th. at 5 pm. Speelo has an extensive fan base, he is a crowd pleaser, we are all so happy to have him back, please mark your calendars, join in on his Welcome Back set.

Steve Who, has sent us his schedule for the coming week, this man just doesn’t sit still. If you have yet to experience one of his sets, see where he is playing and do yourself a favour and make the time to see and hear him.

wed 17h aug at 11am slt/7pm UK/8pm utc+1; Akimitsu Beach;

wed 17th aug at 12noon slt/8pm UK/9pm utc+1; Foggy Docks;

thurs 18th aug at 8am slt/4pm UK/5pm utc+1; Artists Street Cafe;

thurs 18th aug at 1pm slt/9pm UK/10pm utc+1; The Midnight Cove Club;

sunday 21st aug at 9am slt/5pm UK/6pm utc+1; Cornerstone Beach;

sunday 21st aug at 12 noon slt/8pm UK/9pm utc+1; Caribbean Jazz Lounge;

Last edition we posted the DJ’s at Tangos.. we missed DJ Danger who does weekly shows on Sundays.. from 7 – 9 pm slt.

your taxi to Tango’s

Tonight at 5 pm slt. at Pacifique the lovely DJ Sandie

Another wonderful week ahead, filled with great music! Below is the schedule for August 14-20th. We hope you can join us for some fun events.
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August 16
6-8 PM – Country Tunes @ The Soiled Dove Saloon!
6-8 PM – Join us at the Soiled Dove Saloon in 1890s Creede CO! DJ Henri is playing country, Americana and folk tonite. Line and couples country dancing! Period or western attire, please. Nearby horses are available to ride and explore our amazing SIM! Yeehaw!

August 17
SPECIAL EVENT – Woodstock!
5-6 PM Joaquin Gustav LIVE
5-6 PM It’s the Summer of Love! Joaquin Gustav is LIVE his beautiful guitar music! Grab your bellbottoms and doobie! Your hippie van awaits! Far out, man! Follow the SLURL or grab a LM at the Warehouse entrance.

6-8 PM – Special Event – Woodstock!!
6-8 PM – It’s the Summer of Love! DJ Una and DJ Henri are spinning some groovy tunes from those epic three days of Peace, Love and Music, back in ’69! Grab your bellbottoms and doobie! Your hippie van awaits! Far out, man!

August 18
5-6 PM DJ Caron – JazzTRAX @ The Warehouse Speakeasy
5-6 PM – DJ Caron returns to the Warehouse Speakeasy with a groovy set from Czech jazz artists! It’s finger snappin’ good! Czech it out!

6-8 PM DJ Henri – JazzTRAX @ The Warehouse Speakeasy
6-8 PM If it’s Thursday, it’s JazzTRAX. This evening DJ Henri is spinning smooth and funky jazz for your listening pleasure. Relax and join us for fun, friends, and great tunes! Your taxi awaits . . .

More Music with DJ Henri
August 16
Noon-2 PM – DJ Henri – Naughty Nurses @ Specter’s! Isle du Noir
6-8 PM – Paging Dr. Love! DJ Henri is giving you you a shot of music medicine! Our hospital staff is friendly, with a superb bedside manner . No DNR needed – you’ll be on your feet dancing in no time! Join us for an evening of good tunes, fun friends, and great times! Your ambulance awaits!

August 19
7-9 PM DJ Henri – Coffee House Grooves @ Voodoo Lounge! (note @ Isle Du Noir)
7-9 PM – DJ Henri invites you to kick off the weekend with some hipster, coolass tunes. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ambiance as we dance in the street! Your Uber awaits!

Taxi to the Warehouse

Taxi to Isle du Noir

Till soon everyone..



Coming attraction..

Looking for something to do this evening… check out what is happening at Tango’s

DJ Y ume Friday evenings 7 pm slt.

Tonight – Friday August 12. @ 7 pm slt. Dj Henri will entertain you at the Voodoo Lounge, Isle Du Noir.

It is Friday and you all know DJ Yume will be at Fogbound at 5 pm slt. Did you know that if you have the time .. to get there early.. there is DJ Kevin Adams who is rocking the joint, prior to her set. He fills the house.

Your taxi to Fogbound

You all know Nats Jazz Club where Trow plays alternate Mondays and Tuesdays.

if you have the space, join the group so you don’t miss out on any performance changes

Tonight Friday August 12th. schedule

7 pm slt. Nina Rose Setner 8 PM slt, DJ. Hugh Carreia

Advance notice, Monday August 15th. the one and only saxophonist Trowzer Boa will take to the stage at 5 pm slt.

Your personal taxi to Nats Jazz Club

for your reference

Let’s play a little game, who is the performer in SL, what name does he go by???

This is his live stream ..

Friends/relatives are not eligible. If you are a subscriber, and are one of the first 10 AVs to mail me his name.. I’ll send you a small prize to contribute to your next coffee or cocktail in SL. Who is this guy???? ** if you play make sure you give me your SL name so I can contact you.

Till soon. China

happening near you!

When the heat is oppressive, the humidity killing, you want to escape, there is one club in Detroit that will not only cool you down, but get you into the best of moods.. and that is Nats Jazz Club. Trow will take to the stage tomorrow at 4 pm slt.

Here is your taxi to Nats, keep it handy, there is more to come

We see on the schedule that following Trow on Tuesday will be that mischief maker Speelo Snook, award winner and well known DJ in SL. Tomorrow is going to be a fun day!

TODAY, AUGUST 8th. – things are jumping at Isle Du Noir.. already the mayhem and tom foolery has begun… You really are missing something if you are not a member of the Isle du Noir group. No such thing as boredom or wandering around with nothing to do if you are a citizen of Isle Du Noir. pick up your LM for the destination you want from the map at landing.

DJ Evie will be front and center at noon today.. @ Silhouettes nightclub.

DJ Dick Pinelli will be at the Voodoo Lounge with his unique style of Blues at 7 pm slt.

Tomorrow August 9th. at Isle du Noir, Dj Henri will be entertaining you from 12 -2 pm at Specters

Caves & Tunnels
Underwater Tunnels #1
Underwater Tunnels #2

East side PARKS (lots to see on this side of sim!!!)
Butterfly Park
Simply Pretty (2 parks- much to explore)
SE corner Garden
Gardens & Cave – (go straight for garden – turn around & go in the cave)

and bits and pieces here and there
Ride the whale in the sky in the NE corner (holds 6 avatars)
Dance in the sky gazebos – NW and SE corners of sim
Scuba Dive, swim, walk, mermaid in the sim-size underwater world

There is more to Pacifique than dancing – now you know and there are teleporters everywhere to take you places.
If there is PATH – walk it and you won’t get LOST.

TONIGHT at Pacifique – 5 pm slt. DJ KJ Kiranov come have fun.

NEWS and congratulations to our sometimes reporter Dana Enyo, she participated in and won recognition for her entry at the Lyrics Contest that took place recently. We contacted the organizer Haiku.quan, when we get more information we will post it for you. meanwhile, we do have a link that Dana provided us with.

Till soon everyone.


SAX at it best

Time to kick back and relax… he’s had his holiday now he’s here to jazz up our summer. Tomorrow, Thursday, August 4th. Trowzer Boa will be on stage at the Warehouse Speakeasy 5 pm slt.

He will be followed by the one and only DJ Henri .. we are in for one rousing wild and wonderful evening of music.. DJ Henri starts her set at 6 pm slt. Come rested, the music will have you on your feet, dancing.

There is another SAX maniac on the prowl in SL… Steve Who? he is currently live at Foggy Docks (owned and operated by DJ Riff Gaffer)

Steve plays multiple venues, this is his schedule for the rest of this week.

wed 3rd aug at 11am slt/7pm UK/8pm utc+1; Akimitsu Beach;

wed 3rd aug at 12 noon slt/8pm UK/9pm utc+1; Foggy Docks;

thurs 4th aug at 8am slt/4pm UK/5pm utc+1; Artists Street Cafe;

thurs 4th aug at 1pm slt/9pm UK/10pm utc+1; The Midnight Cove Club;

sunday 7th aug at 9am slt/5pm UK/6pm utc+1; Cornerstone Beach;

sunday 7th aug at 12 noon slt/8pm UK/9pm utc+1; Caribbean Jazz Lounge;

Here are the listings of DJ Henri’s other dates this week. This woman is very versatile, every set can be and usually is- a different theme – always fun. Please check her group or profile to make sure the dates are current. (she too was away and is just back)

Noon-2 PM – Specter’s on Isle du Noir – themed events
6-8 PM – Country Tunes at the Saloon in Creede

6-8 PM – Themed events at the Warehouse Speakeasy
(DJ Una spins from 6-7 and I spin 7-8)

6-8 PM – Jazz @ the Warehouse Speakeasy

7-9 PM – Voodoo Lounge on Isle du Noir various types of music

8-10 PM – Red House in 1920s Chicago – Classic Rock & a few bawdy tunes (Adult club)

When the pavement is too hot to walk on, the humidity is so high, you want only to disappear into the darkness of one of the many night clubs on Isle Du Noir – know that visits to the Isle Du Noir, leave you open and vulnerable to its charm and mystery. there are strange and wonderful characters that appear out of nowhere, take a chance, accept a cup of coffee from a stranger, if you are lucky you can have your fortune read in one of the shops in the French Quarter.

Come explore, tour the island there are boat tours… test your luck in the casino.. all seems innocent enough on the surface.. you can’t help but be lured by the smiles and friendliness of the citizens…just be aware.. the place is addictive. there is a magic that swings from shining bright to a darkness that can be chilling.

Once on the island, look around, take the tram, walk the tunnels, speak to strangers.. LOL if you dare….

Till soon


happenin’ around town August 4th.

wooohooo I have it on good authority that there will be a gift to those who attend the Burlesque in Pictures event on Sunday. Here’ is your taxi…

Tonight – July 29th. Friday. DJ Yume will be at fogBound at 5pm slt. till 7 pm slt. and then at Tango’s from 7 -9 pm.slt

Taxi to Fogbound

Taxi to Tango’s

Nat’s Jazz Club @ Detroit city – you see this club nearly in almost every post, why because Nat’s is a happening place, owned and run by the Mistress of Jazz diva herself Ms Linda Sautereau. Hard to pin her down, she is always so busy, planning the next Jazz festival, lining up performers for you to enjoy, hosting, putting her creative genius to work to bring you the best. She is a woman on the go.

At Nat’s you will find live Jazz performers, (ie. Trowzer Boa, Miss Cast) DJs who are well known and can provide the latest of the best in Jazz, the ballroom is open and spacious, lots of room to show of your dance moves. Watch for up coming events, better yet, join the club’s group so you are always in the know about what is happening. Nat’s is open to all, its friendly, the romantic setting is a wonderful venue to bring a date to. Coming soon will be a poster of the weekly events. formal or semi formal attire please.

NB** Trowzer Boa who is usually at Nat’s on Monday’s 5pm. has had to cancel this week’s performance. He will be back at Nat’s Tuesday, August 9th. at 4pm. Eclair was telling me that the hot air balloon rides are busy, there are tourists coming by regularly to enjoy the views. Once at Pacifique, there is a lot to explore, my favourite is the underwater world where you can swim, scuba dive, explore , dance and even ride the sea dragon.

Lastly this issue I wanted to remind all you fashion divas out there that there are all kinds of summer specials happening.

Till soon everyone, stay cool


week of the 25th.

You all know it is happening, tonight, Sunday 6 pm at the Music Factory! The exciting unique styling of the saxophone presented to you by Trowzer Boa. your taxi >

Steve Who

steve who? details for this weeks shows;

Wed 27th July; 11am slt/ 7pm UK/8pm utc+1; Akimitsu Beach;

wed 27th july; 12 noon slt/ 8pm UK/9pm utc+1; Foggy Docks;

thurs 28th july; 8am slt/4pm UK/5pm utc+1; Artists Street Cafe;

thurs 28th july; 1pm slt/9pm UK/10pm utc+1; Midnight Cove Club;

Tango’s has a regular schedule.. their DJ’s have been with them for a long time, it is an established club. We are working on getting the photos and bios for you, meanwhile, this is your taxi to the establishment. venues are 7 PM slt. t0 9 pm slt.

Mondays- Monday Blues with DJ Tango from 7 – 9 pm. Tuesday – DJ Cova – Wednesday, DJ Peg sometimes fills in for DJ Yume . showtime 7 pm slt. – 9 pm. Thursday – DJ Ange 7 – 9 pm sly. Fridays – the one and only DJ Yume, 7 – 9 pm. Saturdays – DJ Soul 7 – 9 pm and Sundays – DJ Danger 7 – 9 Pm.

The lovely DJ Sandie will be at Pacifique this evening at 5 pm

Pacifique is another “happening sim… on Wednesdays, long time DJ Kirt Solo does a set there starting at 5 pm slt.

Fridays 5 pm slt. at Pacifique.

This just in from the Music Factory – get there early and catch their 5 pm DJ WyldCyld with host Thunder…. than you will be there for Trow’s set at 6 pm slt.

The Warehouse is on vacation this week,…

but Le Isle Du Noir is going full, non stop, there is an event planned there almost every day.

Don’t wander around looking for something to do check out their Group notices to see who is doing what and where. Trow will be at the Voodoo Lounge in August, meanwhile, Saxman 66 will be there if you want to hear Saxophone before Trow returns there. LM provided is to the Voodoo Lounge.

There is also an up and coming venue Foggy Docks, get to know it while it is still young, have input into the sounds you would like to happen there. DJ Riff Gaffer has been working hard at getting it established, when he isn’t playing his regular gigs around the virtual entertainment world. You will find him every Monday like clockwork on the stage at the famous Nats Jazz Club in Detroit. 2 – 4 pm slt.

**** July 26th. Tuesday, at Nat’s Jazz Club, you will find Trowzer Boa on stage at 4 pm slt. Mark your calendars.. Trow will be at Nat’s. Tuesdau. July 26th.

We began with Trowzer – we’ll end this post with Trow – Enjoy everyone.

Till soon.

July 21. mid week

Ok who is this Trowzer Boa that keeps appearing in the posts.. Long time musician and performer in SL, Trowzer Boa is a saxophonist from the States, who plays with a number of bands in the State he is in and beyond. (ie. France) He is an accomplished performer, song writer and mentor/teacher … So much so, he was musician of the month not long ago, in Second Life for his contribution to original music in virtual worlds. You will find his bio and information of his accomplishments at the CVL Library (Marly Milena Music Library) in SL.

Trow has played Jazz venues for over 25 years, including 15 years in SL. He brings his own style to SL playing sax with his robot band, he offers up a truly live and unique jazz performance like no other you will find in SL. Some call his style, “spontaneous Jazz” it is funky and fun.. his shows are always dynamic.

Having said all that, where will you find Trow in the coming days.. he will be at the Music Factory, Sunday, July 24th. at 6 pm.

There are simply too many events happening at Isle du Noir to post them all, please join their group to get all the announcements. Look under groups.. for Le Isle Du Noir.

Tonight July 21st at 6 pm slt. will be the last evening to hear DJ Henri at the Warehouse, they will taking a week off to enjoy some “chilling time” Here is your taxi to the Warehouse

I would like at this time to bring your attention to DJ Sandie Slate, we’ve mentioned her before, but feel that I’d like to share her information with you again. She is so dedicated to her craft, and works almost FT in SL for Cancer .. ie. Relay for Life. You will find her every Sunday from 5pm slt. at Pacifique.

Sandie hails from middle Georgie, her musical tastes run the gambit, but her heart lies with southern and classic rock, mixed with a good dose of blues and soul Known for her southern accent, she strives to make sure everyone has a good time. Her group is called Inner Circle.

You’ve seen Tango’s advertised here before, beautiful talented DJ Yume is a regular at Tangos.. . What you might not know is that Tango’s has been around for many years, they are a staple for those of us who want to be entertained in a congenial and friendly atmosphere without the hype and rowdiness that sometimes happens at other venues.

The clientele at Tango’s is mostly “regulars” .. every night there is a different event that takes place. Tango (one of the owners) is always ready to build or pull together a theme, his partner Peg is always and I mean always welcoming, she I noticed has even started to DJ. Tango has a humongous library to pick from when he DJs.

Their DJ’s are known to the audience, each one has his/her own style and fans. You are never disappointed when you visit Tango’s. I’ve asked Peg to give us a list of the weekly events, when I get it, you will see it in print.

It is summertime, the heat in many places is oppressive, but here in SL we are always in air climate comfort. This is the time to explore and discover new places. Check out some of the new venues…

Mark your calendars for July 24th. 6 pm. when Trow will take the stage at the Music Factory… give yourself the gift of an evening of good music… bring a friend, share… =^_^=

Till Soon, China

Trowzer is BACK

Tonight at Nats Jazz Club 5 pm slt. Monday July 18th.

Another wonderful week ahead, filled with great music! Below is the schedule for July 17-23. We hope you can join us for some fun events.
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Please Note Week of July 24th There will be no events at the Saloon or Warehouse Speakeasy. We will be back at the Saloon on Tuesday, August 2nd.

July 19
6-8 PM – Country Tunes @ The Soiled Dove Saloon!
6-8 PM – Join us at the Soiled Dove Saloon in 1890s Creede CO! DJ Henri is playing country, Americana and folk tonite. Line and couples country dancing! Period or western attire, please. Nearby horses are available to ride and explore our amazing SIM! Yeehaw!

July 20
5-6 PM – Joaquin Gustav LIVE @ The Warehouse Speakeasy
5-6 PM – Join us as Joaquin Gustav kicks off our evening @ The Warehouse Speakeasy. Joaquin is a talented guitarist and composer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Put on your dancing shoes and enjoy some delightful Latin sizzle!

6-8 PM DJ’s Choice @ The Warehouse Speakeasy
6-8 PM DJ Una and DJ Henri are playing personal favorites tonite! Come as you are for amazing music, great friends and fun times at The Warehouse Speakeasy!

July 21
6-8 PM DJ Henri – JazzTRAX @ The Warehouse Speakeasy
6-8 PM If it’s Thursday, it’s JazzTRAX. This evening DJ Henri is spinning smooth and funky jazz for your listening pleasure. Relax and join us for fun, friends, and great tunes! Your taxi awaits . . .

y 22nd 12 noon

steve who? this week

wed 20th 11am slt/7pm UK-On the Beach-Akimitsu;

wed 20th 12 noon slt/8pm UK-Foggy Docks;

thurs 21st 8am slt/4pm UK-SLEA Artists Street Cafe;

thurs 21st 1pm slt/9pm UK- Midnight Cove Club;

friday 22nd 12 noon slt. UK-venue- The Living

your taxi to the Isle Du Noir

More Music with DJ Henri

July 19
Noon-2 PM – It’s All About Food @ Specter’s!
Noon-2 PM – Hey hipsters and gourmet foodies! DJ Henri is cookin’ in the kitchen @ Specter’s! She has a big ole pot of foodtastic music and is serving it hot! Henri’s the real dill! No impasta!! Great friends, awesome music and fun times!

July 22, Friday – 7 pm. DJ Henri is on the Red Carpet at Voodoo Lounge.

Tuesday July 19th. FogBound Blues with DJ Yume. 6 pm slt.

There are so many wonderful performers, musicians, and venues… how do you keep up with what is going on.. Join their groups, or sign up for issue of this post, you deserve access to the best of what is being offered in your world. Their is music for every flavour, there is talent galore out there, just waiting to be discovered by YOU.

mid week news

Attention music lovers…… a new club! The Midnight Cove Club Trust Steve Who to find us a new place to hear some good music, dance and enjoy ourselves.

Steve plays at the Midnight Cove Club every Thursday from 1 – 2 pm slt.

Just in from the Carino Underground Jazz Club DJ Ethan will be playing jaunty jumpin jazz, jives, and surely spinning sell swinging and styling swing songs from the 1920s,30s, and 40s…

Saturday, July 16 DJ San will be doing a special ABBA set. 1 pm slt.

taxi to the event

Pacifique will have entertainment tonight at 6 pm slt with Peachie. and Sunday .. Sandie will be playing her set at 5 pm slt.

Taxi to Pacifique

Happening RIGHT NOW.. at Le Isle du Noir – Spectre’s club.. Dj Klaus will be going to Hell… with is Paint it Black set. If this is too short notice he is there every Thursday.

Tomorrow- Friday July 15th. at 5 pm .. the extremely far out there DJ Yume will be at Fogbound for her Friday night Blues set that has everyone on their feet dancing..

Taxi to Fogbound start time 5 pm slt.

We never get enough of DJ Yume, she leaves Fogbound and begins a set at Tangos at 7 pm slt. taxi to Tangos.

Isle du Noir

Pictures from past event at the Grand Rue Casino .. on Isle Du Noir... Lady Luck is always hovering. This week, tomorrow, DJ Dee (yes the one and only Dee from Smokestack) will be spinning tunes while the clientele try their luck with Lady Luck.

Taxi to Casino

DJ Dee


12-2 PM Silhouettes
DJ Evie–mostly swing and jazz
Dress formal/cocktail/elegant

7-9 PM Voodoo Lounge
DJ Dick Pinelli off this week–recovering well from covid; will return next week
Tonight: DJ Annie Mesmerizer: mostly dance blues
Dress: casual/anything


12-2 Caasino Night, Grande Rue Casino
DJ Dee spinning
Dress: semi-elegant, whatever


12-2 PM Specter’s
Burlesque: ‘Carnival of Dreams’
Dance/choreography: Bettye DuBois
Music: DJ Henri
Dress: formal/dressy
need to confirm


2-4 PM Specter’s
DJ Klaus, ‘Paint It Black’: Rock/German/Goth/etc.
Dress: noir; a Femme Fatale of the Week will be chosen
Need to confirm but pretty sure

8-9 PM Voodoo Lounge
saxman–not here this week; will return next week


1-3 PM Beachbreakers
DJ Esme–rock, folk, sea shanties, country, whatever
Need to confirm

7-9 PM Voodoo Lounge
DJ Henri–theme to be announced
Dress: casual/anything

The Isle du Noir is a vibrant community with a lot of actives. Please join the community group to stay informed, and up to date with the events.