Moon Maiden Horner (moonie)

Moonie, darling Moonie, she is a friend and soul sister to all who have gotten to know her over her many years in SL. She is the “Boss Lady” of blues. Recently she has had to focus on what is happening in the day to day world. To this end, her friends, and family in SL want to “toast” her presence in our lives. She is loved by all who have been blessed with her friendship.

The event is going to take place in a place you all know, and if you don’t, it is time you get to know it – Fix Beach. owned and run by Glenda Canucci and her wonderful and engaging staff. The sim has so much to offer, check it all out while you are there.

Taxi to The Fix

The party will begin at 4 pm slt. and go through till past 9 pm. slt. the advert for the event is above but I’ll post it here for you, so you don’t miss it. =^_^=

For all you Trowzer Boa fans, I’ve been given a hint on what Trow will be playing, he is going to blow you away with a high energy bluesy set… come on now.. how can you resist. He’ll start his set at 5 pm slt.

He is a bad bad boy… you’ll not regret catching his set.

Moonie had this on her profile – it says a lot about the kind of lady she is.. not only creative, smart, and beautiful (inside and out) she is genuine.

Moonie was a friend when I needed one, I’ve known her on several platforms. let’s do our best to return her generous spirit by dropping in on this event held in her honour. If you received this post, pass it on.. let’s make this an event to remember.

Till soon


Note, notice came to late to add pics of all the participants.. be assured you will be entertained by the raunchiest and baddies of Blues…. Nothing but the Blues Baby!!!

You are guaranteed a good time!

Skate Party anyone…

Taxi to the rink

Where else but in SL can we indulge in a fun skating party, with music we enjoy without the blistering cold of winter weather, or the scorching heat of the warmer climates. . come enjoy live entertainment ( Joaquin Gustav) followed by DJ Henri and her eclectic music selections.

Dj Henri is not only a talented host and performer keeping you entertained with her music… she also is one of the owners of the Warehouse Speakeasy..

Tonight at Pacifique, you are in for a real treat… come experience DJ Kirt Solo, this is a man who never fails to turn up the heat…. tonight he will be playing a variety of tunes, including a lot of love songs. You got a special date planned, you may want to make time for his set.. He starts tonight at 5 pm slt.

Taxi to the Pacifique Club House.

Plan ahead, Friday January 21st. we have the talented JC Farstrider @ 2 pm

Saturday January 22 DJ Bray 10:30 – noon slt.

Saturday January 22 Steve Who from Noon – till 1 pm

Saturday January 22 Brenna 1 pm. – 2 pm

Where you ask… Here is the taxi for Sax on the Beach...

Till soon


Jan 17 – Trowzer Boa

Taxi to Nat’s

You are looking for places to explore before Trow’s set tonight at 5 pm slt. here are a few suggestions for you.

Museum Island
Peaceful Moments – sanity
Japan, hiroba

Taxi to Nat’s is above and right here… dress up pretty, look handsome, come and be seen at THE one and only Nat’s Jazz Club, where the beautiful people hang out.

Till soon


new week!

Now the week is starting, why?? Trow plays tonight at 4 slt. note the time 4 slt. at Nat’s Jazz Club grab the limo and come on down!

He’s reworked his tunes, set up his sets to give us the best mix to get us up and moving, or to sit back and just relax and enjoy! Trow is ready to make it all happen, be part of the In-Crowd, see you tonight at Nat’s Jazz Club.. Show us your “sparkle”


The exciting and talented DJ Yume is at FogBound Blues at 6 pm slt. Did you miss her last Friday? be in the know… stay tuned, she will be spinning blues covers that you’ll love and groove along to… while bouncing and dancing along with the Yummies.. She is at FogBound tonight at 6 pm – 8pm slt. and then back Friday at 5 pm. Keep up to date by signing up for her group .. always know what she has planned ….

taxi Sense-Wow-Sofia-Celestina’s-Altler

Ok we got the advert, we went to have a look, and well….. we had a ball, taxi is shown under the photo, all the advent gifts are on sale for a very affordable price. Don’t know how long it will last, but we were there this morning. Because I dance with the yummies at DJ Yume’s set I went for a a sexy number from Alter, the Maka dress in silver.

OK OK. confession, I bought a few of the advent items for 60L quality at bargin prices!! I saw Alo there earlier… it’s a good deal.

Till soon


what’s happening

Oh what a night we have ahead.. Live Sax with Trow at 5 slt. at The Warehouse Speakeasy,, – grab your taxi….

Followed at 6 pm by DJ Henri…!! with Jazz TRAX

see above for taxi to Warehouse


Tomorrow Friday, January 7th. You are in for treat, DJ Yume has put together a set of raunchy blues. – British blues invasion at Fogbound 5 pm – 7 p, slt.


Black Angel has just put out a sexy little number for 75L a change from the colours we were wearing in December, it is a new year.. let’s check out what will be trending in 2022.

LOL I got myself a new dress when I went over to grab the LM…. Hey! Happy New Year to me!

Till soon


Yume Yoshikawa

Start the New Year off right, tomorrow January 4th. Tuesday, Yume will be doing her regular Tuesday set at Fogbound, from 6pm – 8 pm slt. (click logo for taxi)

This is her schedule for the month.

January 2022 Yume’s Spin Schedule

Tues. Jan. 04: 6pm – 8pm SLT – Fogbound Tuesday
Wed. Jan. 05: 7pm – 9pm SLT – Tango’s Disco Inferno
Fri. Jan. 07: 5pm – 9pm SLT – Fogbound Friday
Fri. Jan. 07: 7pm – 9pm SLT – Tango’s British Invasion
Tues. Jan. 11: 6pm – 8pm SLT – Fogbound Tuesday
Wed. Jan. 12: 7pm – 9pm SLT – Tango’s Sister Acts, Girl Groups & Singers
Fri. Jan. 14: 5pm – 9pm SLT – Fogbound Friday
Fri. Jan. 14: 7pm – 9pm SLT – Tango’s Sw

Now You by GeMyles – incorporating [MH] Coutre By Design and The GeMyles Beach Resorts.
Affordable Colourchange Female Couture & Footwear.
Casual, Street, Urban, Formalwear & Footwear for all body types.

Taxi to shop

Jewelry crafted with love & artistic care. Designs are elegant, classy & affordable. BEAUTIFUL BARGAINS OUTLET. Help for new players/noobies.
Dazzle Deals, Weekly Sales, 60L Secret, PROMO’s of all kinds! SET HOME HERE WITH GOUP TAG!

Have fun checking things out.. Till soon


Steve Who

Our “busker” Steve Who has got his schedule out for January.

gigs are recorded here; and fb page is;

his group url is; secondlife:///app/group/af55906e-8192-b45e-0f06-59f6240b60d8/about

regular gigs are; The street cafe at 8am slt every thurs SLurl;

Franks Jazz 12-2pm slt every week on Fridays EXCEPT 7th, SLurl;

debut at The Secret Club on Friday 7th Jan at 1pm;

CORNERSTONE THEATRE-saxational sundays at 9am slt; every 1st and 3rd sunday (2nd Jan and 16th Jan) SLurl;

Il Fenicottero Ballroom(Flamingo Bay) 2 weekly (6th Jan and 20th Jan);

Black Thai Ballroom every week Saturdays at 12noon;

PARIS 1900 on 2nd Wednesday and also 3rd Sunday every month 1-2 pm slt(same);

taxi to Sofia

We were here earlier and found a terrific find. The shop is offering all of the items it had in the Advent event, in one package, plus 3 extra gowns, all for 750L this is a fantastic offer, I got it, there is jewelry to go with the gowns, and beautiful shoes… I am still opening boxes. Sofia gowns are offered at many of the big events you visit every month, here at the shop you get to see it all.

Taxi to Beloved

Fine Jewelry Since 2008. Texture Change Jewelry, Gemstone Jewellery, Fine Jewelry, Bento Wedding Rings, Engagement Sets, Bridal Jewelry, Choker Necklaces & Collars, Earrings in Gold & Silver, Diamond Tiaras, Medieval & Elf & Vintage Jewelry, Free Gifts.

Hey, here is some info on Black Thai where Steve will be playing.. I see that JC Farstrider is also one of the headliners there… hmmm who else will we find> Join their group =^_^= note.. if you arrive unprepared, those boxes in front of the rules notice, are free outfits to tide you over… till you can go shop!!!

taxi to Black Thai

The grounds are inviting, you will not only be well entertained, you will have the opportunity to explore and look around, JC and his wife (Italia Cassini) have done a tremendous job in building a fantasy wonderland for you.

Till soon


1st week of 2022

Limo to Nat’z Jazz Club

Thursday January 6th. 5 PM slt. at the Warehouse Speakeasy

Both of these clubs have formal to semi formal dress.

Taxi to store

Delicatt Couture has a lovely gown on as their Jan. VIP group gift, and still on their wall is a blue gown for 50L This is a new shop got us, they have both a ladies line of clothes and one for men.

Taxi to Sofia

Sofia brand items are 100% original mesh. Her designs can be found on MK if you visit the inworld shop she still has her advent tree up you may when you join her VIP group still have access to some of her wonderful gifts.. Her specialty is gowns and accessories. She participates in many of the specialty events .. ie. Sense, WIP, you will recognize the quality and style of her designs.. check out the shop, treat yourself.

Psst.. I just bought all the advent dress plus an extra 3 dresses for 750L whooppeee

Reminder. –Trow is on tonight Monday at 5 pm at Nat’s Jazz Club find taxi above.

Till soon.


Happy New Year

not looking back, sailing into 2022 with great anticipation

The entertainment segment of SL is alive and well. Watch out 2022!

If you missed out last year, get ready to catch up this year. If your favourite performer, or club had a group, join so that you get all the latest news..

Wednesday Dec.29

Wednesday December 28th. from noon till 1 pm.

If you missed his set last night at Nat’s Jazz Club, you are in for great time at his show Dec. 29 Wednesday – noon till 1 pm. he’s all warmed up. You’ll get to hear and see him at his club, Firehouse 59

While we are at it, DJ Yume is going to help you ring in the new year. There is nothing like a big band Blues set laid out for us by DJ Yume

She’ll leave FogBound and head on over to Tango’s for another set of great music

Last but not least, our ever ready DJ Speelo will be playing tomorrow Wednesday, December 29th. from 1 pm till 3 pm at Firehouse 59.

Life is a precious, stay safe, treasure each moment shared let love be the motivation of the moment, Multiple blessings to all.

Till Soon…