St Patrick day surprise DJ Wayvz is in the house

Hubba hubba.. guess who is playing RIGHT NOW our very own DJ Wayvz…I kid you not, he dropped in, saw there was a group, and set up. He is rocking the joint. How cool is that. That is DJ WAYVZ always ready!!! he’ is hawt and keeps getting hotter, come one down.. there is your taxi.. Come on down.. Come party with the one and onlyh Dj WAYVZ,

Stay tuned…


Published by China Dream

TAOIST Life is Art (Perfect Liberty precept #1) contact info.- via blogs --- there are two energies, Yin and Yang = ONE ---to have balance we must live each moment of our lives.. with Makoto (sincerity) The only constant in life is change. I am grounded in the reality of Living. This is true, in all worlds. RL or virtual. I am me and only me.

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