Smokestack Beach

That’s right Smokestack gonna have a beach party!
Get ready Saturday April 11. we are at the beach all day!

Yes! Smokestack Lightning Blues Club has expanded. Just in time for all the summer fun and frolicking. Tomorrow, Saturday April 11. all your favourite Saturday DJs will be coming to you live from the Smokestack Lightnin’ Beach Club.

NOW TODAY, Friday April 10th. you get down and dirty at the club starting at 10:a.m. SL time with DJ Lou.. that amazing lady from the UK who spins the blues .. DJ Lou ‘s passion is to keep you moving with a smile on your face. She loves what she does, and you won’t be able to resist her .. she’s traveled many grids, and all have fallen for her charms.

You’ll find DJ Wayvz with his host Ginny at noon

2 PM, DJ Frog will arrive on his lily pad for two hours of more blues from across the pond.

4 PM. Our one and only DJ Blu will be here with host Mina

6PM DJ Fiz with the every snappy and shape changer Rose as his host.

DJ Fiz (Fizban Underwood) is a long time DJ in SL, he is known for doing a lot of work on internet Radio, and is n ardent supporter of Relay for Life.

8PM sl – DJ Silver takes the airwaves with his brand of laid back, sultry blues. A maestro with his music, he enjoys nothing more than entertaining you with his velvet blues, and then rocking you out of your reverie with a toe tapping butt shaking number. Come end your evening with the wolf, DJ Silver. and host Rori

Now go find your bikini, and beach wear for Saturday. If you are needing a waxing.. you know what you gotta do…

Here is your ticket to ride..

Stay tuned


Published by China Dream

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