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Good morning everyone.. what is new at Smokestack.. what is going on.. well guys and gals, a lot is happening.. if you are not already a VIP member of this club now is the time to clean up your groups and make space for Smokestack Lightning Blues Club. I’ve provided you all with a LM to the club. You have two choices. join at the club, or go to search on your SL screen, click on the Groups tab.. find Smokestack Lightning vips.. and join .. it is as easy as that.

Smokestack is a premier Blues Club. You get all the vibes of a blues club down on a bayou.No need to get fancy with us.. just be you come on down and slide and sway to the music you love to listen to every day. Each DJ has his/her own style, there is not one that won’t give you their all. Their aim is to keep you dancing and loving your time. The club is welcoming and each host/hostess at the club is there to help you get the most out of your experience at Smokestack.

The amazing DJ talent is always showcased, I will be doing a revamp. YES there have been changes.. Our family of vinyl talent is pretty steady, but like all in life, change happens. If you are in our VIP group, you get to know all about what is happening its not a surprise. But hey, if you like surprises.. we got that for you too. =^_^=

why is he getting another mention so soon… read on..

DJ Silver is now coming to you live from the chocolate state… twice a week. Mondays 2-4 pm SL time .. DJ Silver known more for his sultry steamy blues, has a lot more to offer you. You need only tweak his IM box with your requests. He does a mean up tempo blues.. actually any style of blues is in his kind of music. Ask.

DJ Frog is back.. we missed his naughty boy self. Wednesdays at 2 pm. catch him if you dare.. Be brave, if you don’t know Frog, check him out.

Today Tuesday May 5th. we are at the BEACH…. show off those tans .. come on down and party It all starts real early. yes 8 a.m. with DJ Ryan hostess Mina

10 a.m. DJ MikeyMac with his hostess Ginny

12 noon you will find DJ Free taking the stage with host Sum

2 pm DJ Syydneyy and hostess Joanna

4 pm DJ BO with host Sydnee

6 pm DJ Sasha and Captain Schorr

8 pm DJ Q and the lovely Anastasia

You have no excuse .. come on down.. and don’t forget .. if you like us.. put us in your picks.

Stay tuned


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