Monday at the beach

Woot what a way to start the week. Today is Beach Day here at Smokestack, I’m already here come on down. OK so I’m early… can’t wait to dance on the sandy beach. Dee has even got a place for us to roast marshmallows Smores anyone.. =^_^=

We are starting the day at 10 a.m with DJ. Ryan..

noon SL till 2 pm
DJ Silver 2 pm – 4 pm
D?J Fizz from 4 – 6 pm
DJ Blu spins 6 pm – 8 pmOh Lawd,

from 8 pm – 10 pm – you will be entertained by DJ Ben Vee and his host Dreamy.
Sorry guys and gals, my library is not giving up any picture for Dj Ben, so you will have to come and check DJ Ben Vee out for yourselves.

The line up today is dynamic, each of the DJ’s brings his/her own special sounds. Blues at Smokestack is always varied and true to the Blues genre. When the heat of the day has you broiling in your birks.. come on down and dance on the beach. Join friends, bring friends, meet new ones Smokestack is the place to be..

here is your ticket to ride

Come now wake up and shine. shake out your summer frock, shorts, swimwear and join us for some great fun. DJ Silver and I will be there at 2 PM with DJ Silver’s hostess Rori who has the greatest smile .

A reminder the DJ’s spend a lot of time putting together music that will entertain and keep you dancing.. their amazing host/hostess(s) are always on hand to help you out with a group tag.. you need one if you want to keep up with what is happening at Smokestack. Plus.. we want you in our circle. Smokestack is an empty building without all the super fans of our DJs and the music we play.

We are here to play for you… come and take advantage of the sun and surf.. You won’t be sorry… we are here for YOU.

Till next time..


Published by China Dream

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