How many times have you purchased an item that look wonderful in the store,, yet just doesn’t cut it when you get it home. Sure they offer you a demo.. you try it in the store, it fits, or so you think, but then you get it home and wear it doing your “normal” routine activities. It is not what you thought it would be… It looked so good on the advert… hmmm.

First to buy something that is going to make YOU look good, you have to look at what the designer is doing with his/her outfits.. What are the models being used. If you are a Type A figure and all the models are Type D figures, consider you are not going to look like the model in the picture .. unless you change your body type.

There is a misconception in SL or any other virtual world that the women are all Barbies or want to be a Barbie doll, and that is just not so. Like in the real world, you have to shop for the designer(s) that will provide you with outfits that make YOU look good, Are they knocking off the same cut and design every other week, only difference is the textures being used, or the colour combinations.

Consider how you want to look, what you want the outfit to do for you. We all want to look our best, most of the time anyway. Find a designer whose clothes fit you well, they move with you, they show off what you want to be seen. That goes for colour combinations too.

You never just buy a hairstyle because its on sale, you try it, wear it, and look at it from all angles to make sure it compliments and shows you off .. at your best. The same applies to the clothes you adorn yourself with.

The model used for this blog is slender, and small busted. I shopped for clothes that would flatter her figure. I lucked out, I found a designer (no he wasn’t lost! ) it was by chance, I was searching out a location for a photo shoot, and got stuck in a tree… he came to my rescue.. LOL wonders of wonders there are still gallant men out there. I heard that mutter “dumb blonde”, but that’s ok I have moments.

The designer’s shop is #Benk, the LM is

The bikini ladies is this month’s group gift if you are interested.

The leather top the model (taupe) is wearing, is his as well, it comes in a variety of colours and can be transparent or semi transparent. His prices are good, if his clothing line appeals to you, you will enjoy shopping there.

hairstyle is from No.Match

pants Carolla jeans from Le’La

nb* I am not a fashion blogger for these shops.. They are simply shops I have shopped at.

Till soon

Published by China Dream

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