Sax on the beach

OK I have more details for you all. This will be a week-end you won’t want to miss, put all your other activities on hold, this is a week-end of Sax, be part of the “happening”

Trowzer Boa, will be playing Friday at 1 pm and Saturday at noon. if you can, make both days.. fill your boots. He is a not to be missed. Times given are all SL time.

Steve Who, who we all know and love will be on noon the Friday and then at 2 pm. on the Saturday.

These are two musicians that I know and have appreciated for some time, I’ve provided you with the list of all the other talented musicians that will be performing, you have time to plan your schedules to avail yourself of their all being in one place. Due to the different time zones we all live in.. Now is the time to hear them if you haven’t already.

JC Farstrider who is one of the artist, will be performing Friday 10:a.m. and Saturday 8: pm. is also known for his hospitality and hosts the event. Please see the list of sponsors, this is a well orchestrated event for YOUR listening pleasure. These amazing artist entertain us all year, it is time to show them our support … a lot of work goes on behind the scenes for us (the SL community) to be able to enjoy the “live entertainment” in SL… time to show our support.

Tell your friends, bring your friends.. there is a lot to see, the location is full of activities and photo opportunities for everyone, don’t forget free gifts too =^_^=. If you have a fan base, send this announcement out .. lets give everyone the opportunity to enjoy SAX, a full two days of it!!

Here is your taxi..

See you for SAX


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