Holiday Time

Steve Who, that’s who will be playing over the holidays he plays in a number of different venues and at times that are earlier in the day. The best way to know where and when he is playing is to join his group or follow him on FB A busker in Scotland, he has a wonderful way of drawing you in to his world.. He offers variety and most of all fun. I’ve seen almost the whole audience get up to dance when he gets going.. Don’t miss one of his sets.

Beloved Jewelry and outfit by LMagnums (Grace Xmas 3 piece outfit)

Beloved Jewelry is a long established jewelry designer in SL who has contributed to many many fashion events and showcases over the years. Here the model is wearing Peridot wide brass necklace with matching earrings from the dollar board in the shop. The collar is also from Beloved, it is Jonquil red leather choker collar c/w RLV for ladies who want to show their collars in festive colour. L Magnums Clothier

Beloved Jewelry

The Christmas mini dress was on special at L Magnums Clothier, they are a popular little shop with a lot of fun items. They participate in the weekly specials, who knows who you will find.. drop over and have a look.

Right now all the shops are vying for your lindens, watch for the specials, check out new vendors, that is how I found the little numbers you see here.

The harness Christmas top is from L Magnums Clothier, the pants are from Mutresse, what is special about them is that they come with not only many different textures, they have a hud that allows you to pull them down.. wink* Mutresse store No Match hair Store model is wearing No Match – No bad I love this store, and have come to wear almost exclusively their styles on my own personal avatar.

The blue outfit was a 60 linden special from Sugar Dolls

I will be posting soon on the return of DJ Blue Lou McGrady. You’ll find him at Smokestack Lightnin’ Blues Club Wednesdays at 4 pm. SL time. You all will remember DJ Blue Lou from a couple of years ago.. one of the badest Blues DJs going.. he had to leave but he’s baaaackkk! He is still getting his feet planted back on the ground here, I’ll be giving you more information as it comes in. You all know that if its happening at the “stack” its gold.

Gonna leave you with a fun video the flapper dress is by designer Dana Enyo who has given you a preview of her newest outfit. Isn’t it just fun! Her shop is located at

Till soon everyone!



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