December 1.

This upcoming musician in SL has already got a pretty full schedule with his regular events, I’m giving you his contact and web info, so you can follow him on the various platforms. and fb page is;
my group url is; secondlife:///app/group/af55906e-8192-b45e-0f06-59f6240b60d8/about

regular gigs are; The street cafe at 8am slt every thurs SLurl;

Franks Jazz 12-2pm slt every week on Fridays, SLurl;

VIBE at 11am slt every 2wks on Sundays-(28nov/12dec/26dechmmm? SLurl;

CORNERSTONE THEATRE-saxational sundays starts Sunday 21nov at 9am slt; every 1st and 3rd sunday (21nov/5dec/19dec/2jan) SLurl;

Jamieson Arts-one off on friday 26th Nov at 11am for exhibit opening SLurl;

JC and Italia are starting a weekly sat gig and can let you know when I have lm’s etc

PARIS 1900 on 2nd wednesday and also 3rd sunday every month 1-2 pm slt(same);

Who is this Guy!

We see him at various venues supporting his friends, he’s up front and present, when he takes the stage himself to share with you his many varied interest when it comes to music. In the daylight world his name is Marx Loeb an accomplished musician who you can find doing a Google search, he’s real. he loves DJing, this is where you will find him in he coming weeks.

Mondays–7-9 The Voodoo Lounge
Tuesdays–5-6 Nat’s Jazz Lounge
Thursdays–2-4PM at Tessa’s

A shopping reminder, today being Dec. 1. you can start collecting the advent gifts being offered by your favourite retailers. Here is a link to get you started Le’La Main store

Till soon


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