Advent calendars,and

What a wonderful time of the year. Here you see our model taking her coffee with her while she visits Blackbirdlace Store and Black Angel store this morning to collect her Advent calendar gift for day 4. Not only do these two shops offer you great gifts for the season, their grounds are like stepping through a magical winter wonderland. Black Angel Store Blackbirdlace Store.

Here is a little secret the mall has several other sister shops to explore and discover while you are there. If you haven’t visited the group gift areas, do yourself a favour and take the time, you won’t be sorry.

Its the holiday season, how many gatherings will you be attending, and what about the quiet personal evenings with your favourite squeeze.

Not everyone wants to wear red, Bens Beauty & Boutique in Mist Meadows is offering this wonderful Hermosa latex outfit for 99 L. Bens Beauty Boutique reminder join the group and wear your tag for the group gifts while you are there.

Jewelry, do we love our jewelry, what better way to accessorise our wardrobes and our bodies =^_^= Beloved Jewelry, fine jewelry, wedding rings, and and and.. can be found here.

We were there this morning, there is a whole back wall of bling at 99L not to mention other specials going on in the store itself. be sure to visit and treat yourself to a special something, just for YOU.

Shop till you drop..

Till soon


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