Christmas shopping

Bellel Epoque – a fashion destination – Vintage Maitreya Legacy Petite Perky Dress Gown Shoes Heels Clothing Lingerie Historical Baroque Female Fashion Clothes Pants Gacha Skirt Bodysuit Regency Gatcha Short Leather Casual Jacket Boots Sandals Outfit Free Gift Fantasy Lace Outfits Hat

Q is wearing Josie a stunning outfit from Belle Epoque’s mainstore, she is checking out the party room at Pacifique Clubhouse

If we are lucky our shindig will end in time for us to catch DJ Henri at The Warehouse Speakeasy tonight 6 pm slt.

Here is your limo if you want to join us..

Q is very particular about what she wears, being CEO of the Virtual News 8 project, she likes to “power” dress. These are some of the shops we visited today.

Hilly Haalan mainstore and Valuxia is in Hillywood and has a varied inventory there is something for everyone and every budget. it has a lot of product you will want to make time to explore all the shops /departments, join their group, they have very nice group gifts.

Taxi to Hilly Haalan

ISON is a collection that reflects designer Harry Hyx’s fashion forward concept of dress. “Remolding classic silhouettes into new defiant proportions, ISON represents an image that is modern, lean, and intelligent.” I made a note in my daytimer, to go back to shop on my own. Never mind shopping with the “boss”

There was one more, must visit on Q’s list. Now this is a fun shopping experience, have you been, no, then check it out. ”

TETRA offers a great choice of high quality women’s clothing and footwear. Our products are original meshes fitted for Maitreya, Petite, Legacy, Perky, Kupra, Belleza, Freya, Slink, Hourglass mesh bodies. female, casual, clothes, jacket, jeans, dress

Here is your taxi to TETRA

We were touring with the “boss” today and she was doing the shopping, China or Alo will return on their own, watch for more news from these stores.

Q wearing Orchid gown from ISON

Reminder – Tomorrow is Friday, you’ll find Steve Who at Franks. 12 – 2 pm slt.

Till soon


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