new week!

Now the week is starting, why?? Trow plays tonight at 4 slt. note the time 4 slt. at Nat’s Jazz Club grab the limo and come on down!

He’s reworked his tunes, set up his sets to give us the best mix to get us up and moving, or to sit back and just relax and enjoy! Trow is ready to make it all happen, be part of the In-Crowd, see you tonight at Nat’s Jazz Club.. Show us your “sparkle”


The exciting and talented DJ Yume is at FogBound Blues at 6 pm slt. Did you miss her last Friday? be in the know… stay tuned, she will be spinning blues covers that you’ll love and groove along to… while bouncing and dancing along with the Yummies.. She is at FogBound tonight at 6 pm – 8pm slt. and then back Friday at 5 pm. Keep up to date by signing up for her group .. always know what she has planned ….

taxi Sense-Wow-Sofia-Celestina’s-Altler

Ok we got the advert, we went to have a look, and well….. we had a ball, taxi is shown under the photo, all the advent gifts are on sale for a very affordable price. Don’t know how long it will last, but we were there this morning. Because I dance with the yummies at DJ Yume’s set I went for a a sexy number from Alter, the Maka dress in silver.

OK OK. confession, I bought a few of the advent items for 60L quality at bargin prices!! I saw Alo there earlier… it’s a good deal.

Till soon


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