Moon Maiden Horner (moonie)

Moonie, darling Moonie, she is a friend and soul sister to all who have gotten to know her over her many years in SL. She is the “Boss Lady” of blues. Recently she has had to focus on what is happening in the day to day world. To this end, her friends, and family in SL want to “toast” her presence in our lives. She is loved by all who have been blessed with her friendship.

The event is going to take place in a place you all know, and if you don’t, it is time you get to know it – Fix Beach. owned and run by Glenda Canucci and her wonderful and engaging staff. The sim has so much to offer, check it all out while you are there.

Taxi to The Fix

The party will begin at 4 pm slt. and go through till past 9 pm. slt. the advert for the event is above but I’ll post it here for you, so you don’t miss it. =^_^=

For all you Trowzer Boa fans, I’ve been given a hint on what Trow will be playing, he is going to blow you away with a high energy bluesy set… come on now.. how can you resist. He’ll start his set at 5 pm slt.

He is a bad bad boy… you’ll not regret catching his set.

Moonie had this on her profile – it says a lot about the kind of lady she is.. not only creative, smart, and beautiful (inside and out) she is genuine.

Moonie was a friend when I needed one, I’ve known her on several platforms. let’s do our best to return her generous spirit by dropping in on this event held in her honour. If you received this post, pass it on.. let’s make this an event to remember.

Till soon


Note, notice came to late to add pics of all the participants.. be assured you will be entertained by the raunchiest and baddies of Blues…. Nothing but the Blues Baby!!!

You are guaranteed a good time!

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