week of Monday 21st

Holiday Monday here, let’s have a look at the coming week. Checking my inbox. Winter weather here has everyone wanting to find entertainment and fun inworld. Let’s see what we can find.

Tuesday – Feb. 22.

Trowzer Boa, hmmm do we dare ask if he’s been naughty or nice. Tomorrow, Tuesday at Nat’s Jazz Club… 4 pm slt. Here’s your ride.. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Detroit%20City/24/177/24

DJ Speelo – Tuesday 5 pm slt. at Nat’s Jazz club.

I just saw the THE DJ Dick Pinelli is back … 8 pm on Tuesday and his lovely sidekick Rusty .. Yay!!! if you’ve not attended one of Dick’s sets, it is an experience you won’t want to miss.


I know that the following clubs will all have something going on for you. Taxi’s provided for you..

TAXI to Warehouse http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/xFire/184/146/1201


Ok she took a Friday off… OMG, lthat was a shock, we went for our Friday fix and she was not there.. BUT… she’s back this week…

Wed. Feb. 23rd: 7pm – 9pm SLT – Tango’s Wild Wild West

Fri. Feb. 25th: 7pm – 9pm SLT – Tango’s Fabulous Funk Party

Tues. Mar. 1st: 6pm – 8pm SLT – Fogbound Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras
Wed. Mar. 2nd: 5pm – 7pm SLT – Tango’s Mardi Gras

Fogbound taxi…http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blue%20Moon%20Bay/172/65/27

Tango’s http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//17/200/15 taxi.


DJ Dee, owner of Smokestack Lightning Blues, has got a parcel of land for rent.. if you are looking or know of anyone, please pass it along.. ( I have available. 1/4 sim media privacy edit terrain rights etc. it’s 3999 a week for 5400 prims and a quarter for less than 4 is pretty unheard of. .75 a prim.)

Hey, DJ Riff just got in touch he’s on today at 2: pm at Nat’s.. see above for taxi.

Have a great week everyone ….

Till soon


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