March Tuesday 8th. 4 pm slt.

Time to kick back and allow the music to wrap itself around you .. its time for the talented Saxophonist Trowzer Boa to take to the stage at Nat’s Jazz Club with his effervescent, FUNKY, renditions of traditional, modern jazz, and original tunes

Taxi to Nat’s Jazz Club


DJ Dalton Carfield has been a DJ in both RL and SL, he has a command of many music genres and draws from his extensive library to provide you with a dynamic and fun set that will have you wanting to come back for more. DJ Carfield can be found at one of our favourite Blues Venue, Smokestack Lightning Blues Club. Friday’s from 8 – 10 pm slt. ———— Sunday’s 4 -6 p.m. and Monday’s from 6 pm – 8 pm for a full schedule of times and places he plays please join his group. D.J Daltons Disciples you will find the group in search, or join when you are at the club at one of his sets.

Taxi to Smokestack

An enterprising young lady, a cancer survivor she is very involved with a number of events that support and provide in-world services that are associated with the American Cancer Society. You can check her picks for more detailed information. To hear and enjoy her talents, she DJs at Pacifique, Sunday’s 5 – 7 pm slt. Taxi to Pacifique

She hosts/coordinates Seekers of Hope – a 3rd year RFL team. Their goal is to enjoy and have fun while raising money for the American Cancer Society. If you are interested in joining and/or helping out. please message her …

Seekers of Hope is part of Reay for Life of Second Life. It is a team of people within SL that rally together to raise awareness, donations and hope to anyone that is dealing with cancer.

Taxi to Nat’s Jazz Club

There is always something happening somewhere .. stay tuned…


Bonus.. enjoy exploring new places… visit Shangdu and idyllic place, natural beauty (Chinese water village) taxi

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