Sax and Blues

Trowzer Boa the irrepressible SAX magician, or is it irresistible… You decide.. come join us this evening at Nat’s Jazz Club. He’ll take the stage at 5 pm slt.

Taxi to Nat’s

Tomorrow night Trow is going to be at the Voodoo Lounge on the beautiful Isle du Noir. He’ll still be revved up from his gigs last night and tonight… you won’t want to miss his antics and titillating sounds.`It was rumoured that last night ladies under garments were being thrown on the stage. (my lips are sealed) what happens during his shows, stays locked away in the vaults.

Spent part of this afternoon at the Silhouette club on Isle du Noire listening to DJ Evie Boleyn .. The evening picture of the club was taken by the lovely Mizi (Mizogoi)

taxi to the Voodoo Lounge…

She’s back…

Till soon.


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