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Woot, this is the week-end for the Nat’s jazzFest... and the awesome, pied piper of soulful Sax Trowzer Boa is playing Saturday from 11:00 a.m. – noon. **** can’t wait!

Sunday, the day will start with the Scotsman we all want to see in a kilt. Steve Who. He’ll take to the stage 11: a.m.

Nat’s JazzFest 2022 has a wonderful line up of talented musicians and performers, the event will begin Friday March 18th. if you scroll to the previous edition .. you will have the complete line up listed for you, complete with times and … the limos.

Here is the taxi to Nat’s.. the event is taking place in the Outdoor stage area on the lawn, attire is casual. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Detroit%20City/25/181/21

Want to dress up, show off your latest gown, all day Friday March 18. is Friday Formal at the Music Factory.

We are so fortunate to have this rich and varied opportunity to be entertained. Let’s support our venue operators, musicians and performers, who work so hard to bring us the best for our listening pleasure.

LM for Voodoo Lounge you can start from there http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isle%20Du%20Noir/148/33/1985

Want to just explore and revisit the “past” check out the beautiful Isle Du Noir, where Deco-punk, Old Hollywood, Film Noir, collides with t he paranormal of the Bermuda Triangle .. there are beaches, mystery and …. The island saying is…
Anything can happen and usually does… For sure… I can say from first hand experience, the natives are friendly and a lot does go on… you might have to seek it out, but… for the adventurer… this is a must …

Did you miss the tinies Mardi Gras parade?

Wonders never cease I have never met a Tiny I haven’t totally enjoyed. I am sorry I missed it.. Look around.. you never know who or what you will discover at Isle Du Noir.

Did you know that the beautiful DJ Henri spins on the red carpet at the Voodoo Lounge? We all know how great her sets are.

Stay tuned and stay informed, either subscribe to Virtual News 8, if you do you’ll get it in your mailbox when we post.. or join the groups of the venues we support. Virtual News is on WordPress and does not take up space in your groups.

A word from the great man himself.. “Can’t wait for my set Saturday!” (Trowzer Boa)

Till Soon


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