reporting 3.27.22

From Trowzer Boa and his team we would like to thank everyone who made yesterday’s event at the Marly Milena Music Library such an amazing afternoon of sharing and community. It was a success thanks to everyone who came to share in Trows induction to the Music Library’s new venture.

We got to share an afternoon with the likes of JC Farstrider . Steve Who, Island Granville, talented saxophonists, Robby Lock, Henri McKeenan (The Warehouse), Linda Sautereau ( Nat’s Jazz Club) and so many others whose presence made the day all that more memorable.

The CVL has plans, and they want your help, please if you have not been to the library drop over and read about their goals, share if you can in their planning… They are working towards creating a haven for the performing arts in virtual worlds.

———————-Monday March 28th 5 pm slt.———-

What is it they say, you can’t keep a good man down.. Trowzer Boa is back on stage at Nat’s Jazz Club, Monday at 5 pm slt. He’ll be warmed up from his performance yesterday at CVL…. Come join us for an hour of Sax as only he can play it for us. Dress up – Nat’s is “the” place to be seen.

———-Steve Who ———–

Just in from Steve Who – are two events he will be doing in the coming week.

Steve plays in many different places, best way to keep up with his scheduled events is to join his group or bookmark his schedule page. taxis provided under the posters.

We dropped over to both these locations, wow, make time if you can to explore..

Steve also plays at the Black Thai nightclub a venue owned and operated by the talented duo of JC Farstrider and Italia Cassini-Farstrider

BLACK THAI NIGHTCLUB. – 🎶🎵 Elegance With an Exotic Vibe 🎶🎵Classic Rock, Oldies, Latin, Jazz, Blues, Romantic genres, Old Standards – NOT the same old typical club

Next to Black Thai is the S.S. Italia Yacht where parties & events are held. Inside is the Starlight Room for more intimate settings of dining & dancing….
PLUS.. Sax on the Beach for casual tropical beach events!

** HIRING – Hosts for The Starlight Room aboard the S.S. Italia Yacht. No experience needed. We will train. Uniform supplied for both male & female.

stay tuned subscribe to post on the wordpress website, save your spaces in sl groups.

Till soon

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