More April news.

Trowzer Boa is an artist/performer who just keeps growing, his music can take you to places you have never been before. Come join us this evening at The Warehouse Speakeasy Trow’s show is at 5 pm slt. till 6 pm. slt.

He will be followed at The Warehouse by the lovely and talented DJ Henri who will entertain you with JazzTRAX her set begins at 6 pm slt. .

April 8th. Friday, DJ Henri will be on the Red Carpet at Voodoo Lounge, Isle Du Noir

We’ve just been given some exciting news. Mark your Calendars, April 16, and 17th, there is going to be a very fun event taking place at a venue we’ve told you about, but now. NOW .. Trow is going to be there to open the event at Foggy Docks, at Lovers Bay. We won’t spill the beans now, you’ll have to watch for more news on the event closer to the dates. The event (Fogfest) is being put on by DJ Riff .. the two days will be packed with talented and well known personalities… take note.. clear your calendar. Trow will kick it all off, Saturday 16th. at 9. am. slt. LOL be prepared, it will be different!!!!

Taxi to the Voodoo Lounge

Dana Enyo one of our regular contributors has sent us a video of a club she has enjoyed over the years, it had its farewell party the other night.. Dana has shared it with us.

FRIDAY 8th, April.. DJ Yume will be a busy gal. from 5 pm – 7 pm she will be at Fogbound Blues Club for Friday Blues with DJ Yume. then from 7 pm – 9 pm slt. she will be at Tango’s 8th Anniversary Celebrations.

Taxi to Fogbound

Taxi to Tango’s

Taxi to the Music Factory
taxi is just above this poster.

Till soon..


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