Monday 11th.

Tomorrow, April 12 th. 6 pm slt. Trow will be on the Red Carpet at the Voodoo Lounge

Who will be on the red carpet tonight April 11th. at 7 pm DJ Speelo

Taxi to Music Factory

steve who? shows this week beginning 11th april;

Wed 13th—>8am slt at Akinawa top Deck-Mt Fuji;

Wed 13th 11am Moonlit River;

Wed 13th 1pm —->PARIS 1900/Champs ElyseeLA Galerie

Thurs 14th 8am at SLEA7,-street cafe;

Sunday 17th 9am at Cornerstone;

Sunday 17th at 11am FOGFEST;

Sunday 17th 1pm PARIS 1900/Champs Elysees La Galerie


taxi to the Rodeo

Pacifique: This is where you come after you met someone somewhere else! Great date place. A place to play. Singles, couples & groups – No Rules -No dress code-all are welcome. Tropical beach, forest, park.
Things are always changing at Pacifique!
Owner: Eclair Martinek.
Pacifique: Ambiance created for you to make your magic.
Founded: 2008

Taxi to Pacifique

Tonight at Pacifique you can meet up with some of the residents… DJ KJ Kiranov will be hosting a fun gathering where anything can and could happen, after all it is SL and you will be at Pacifique. Party starts at 5 p m slt. you’ll get 2 hours of silly fun ….

** note, Pacifique is a family oriented sim, there are so many fun things to do there, if you have the time, explore and enjoy all the tours that are offered, hot air balloon rides, caves to explore, and underwater paradise with mermaid dances, Pacifique is a treasure.

REMINDER – Trow will not be playing this evening at Nats Jazz Club, he’ll be back at Nats, next Tuesday at 4 pm.

Happy week everyone… Till soon


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