What a week-end!

FogFest ran this past week-end, thanks to the hard work of DJ Riff who pulled off a successful musical event over a very busy long week-end. He gathered performers from all over the globe, it was diversified and great fun. Some of the personalities I had never heard before.. What a wonderful way to experience a wide variety of music in one location.

The stunning diva entrepreneur Linda Sautereau (owner of Nats Jazz Club) wowed everyone with her selection of songs, a very fitting way to end the event.

Speaking of Nats Jazz Club, our one and only Trowzer Boa will be performing there on Tuesday April 19th at 4 pm. followed by DJ Speelo at 5 pm slt.

DJ Riff is at Nats Jazz Club today, Monday 18th. 2 pm.slt.

Steve Who?? has a full week… Here you go…

Wed 20th—>8am slt at Akinawa top Deck-Mt Fuji;

Wed 20th 11am Moonlit River;

Wed 20th 12noon Foggy Docks

Thurs 21st 8am at SLEA7,- caffe d’essai-MACHINIMA.LAND;

Sat 23rd 12 noon at Black Thai

Sun 24th 1pm Jazz Beau’s

DJ Strider told me about a place called, Tessa’s.. unfamiliar to me, I asked Trow who gave it a thumbs up.. he has fond memories of the place.. suggest you drop over and have a look.

A small romantic beach club, offering a medley of jazz, blues, r&b, soul, funk, latin and whatever fits into the mix our live dj’s like to spin.

Why not start exploring …. enjoy….

Till soon..


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