Isle du Noir

Pictures from past event at the Grand Rue Casino .. on Isle Du Noir... Lady Luck is always hovering. This week, tomorrow, DJ Dee (yes the one and only Dee from Smokestack) will be spinning tunes while the clientele try their luck with Lady Luck.

Taxi to Casino

DJ Dee


12-2 PM Silhouettes
DJ Evie–mostly swing and jazz
Dress formal/cocktail/elegant

7-9 PM Voodoo Lounge
DJ Dick Pinelli off this week–recovering well from covid; will return next week
Tonight: DJ Annie Mesmerizer: mostly dance blues
Dress: casual/anything


12-2 Caasino Night, Grande Rue Casino
DJ Dee spinning
Dress: semi-elegant, whatever


12-2 PM Specter’s
Burlesque: ‘Carnival of Dreams’
Dance/choreography: Bettye DuBois
Music: DJ Henri
Dress: formal/dressy
need to confirm


2-4 PM Specter’s
DJ Klaus, ‘Paint It Black’: Rock/German/Goth/etc.
Dress: noir; a Femme Fatale of the Week will be chosen
Need to confirm but pretty sure

8-9 PM Voodoo Lounge
saxman–not here this week; will return next week


1-3 PM Beachbreakers
DJ Esme–rock, folk, sea shanties, country, whatever
Need to confirm

7-9 PM Voodoo Lounge
DJ Henri–theme to be announced
Dress: casual/anything

The Isle du Noir is a vibrant community with a lot of actives. Please join the community group to stay informed, and up to date with the events.

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