SAX at it best

Time to kick back and relax… he’s had his holiday now he’s here to jazz up our summer. Tomorrow, Thursday, August 4th. Trowzer Boa will be on stage at the Warehouse Speakeasy 5 pm slt.

He will be followed by the one and only DJ Henri .. we are in for one rousing wild and wonderful evening of music.. DJ Henri starts her set at 6 pm slt. Come rested, the music will have you on your feet, dancing.

There is another SAX maniac on the prowl in SL… Steve Who? he is currently live at Foggy Docks (owned and operated by DJ Riff Gaffer)

Steve plays multiple venues, this is his schedule for the rest of this week.

wed 3rd aug at 11am slt/7pm UK/8pm utc+1; Akimitsu Beach;

wed 3rd aug at 12 noon slt/8pm UK/9pm utc+1; Foggy Docks;

thurs 4th aug at 8am slt/4pm UK/5pm utc+1; Artists Street Cafe;

thurs 4th aug at 1pm slt/9pm UK/10pm utc+1; The Midnight Cove Club;

sunday 7th aug at 9am slt/5pm UK/6pm utc+1; Cornerstone Beach;

sunday 7th aug at 12 noon slt/8pm UK/9pm utc+1; Caribbean Jazz Lounge;

Here are the listings of DJ Henri’s other dates this week. This woman is very versatile, every set can be and usually is- a different theme – always fun. Please check her group or profile to make sure the dates are current. (she too was away and is just back)

Noon-2 PM – Specter’s on Isle du Noir – themed events
6-8 PM – Country Tunes at the Saloon in Creede

6-8 PM – Themed events at the Warehouse Speakeasy
(DJ Una spins from 6-7 and I spin 7-8)

6-8 PM – Jazz @ the Warehouse Speakeasy

7-9 PM – Voodoo Lounge on Isle du Noir various types of music

8-10 PM – Red House in 1920s Chicago – Classic Rock & a few bawdy tunes (Adult club)

When the pavement is too hot to walk on, the humidity is so high, you want only to disappear into the darkness of one of the many night clubs on Isle Du Noir – know that visits to the Isle Du Noir, leave you open and vulnerable to its charm and mystery. there are strange and wonderful characters that appear out of nowhere, take a chance, accept a cup of coffee from a stranger, if you are lucky you can have your fortune read in one of the shops in the French Quarter.

Come explore, tour the island there are boat tours… test your luck in the casino.. all seems innocent enough on the surface.. you can’t help but be lured by the smiles and friendliness of the citizens…just be aware.. the place is addictive. there is a magic that swings from shining bright to a darkness that can be chilling.

Once on the island, look around, take the tram, walk the tunnels, speak to strangers.. LOL if you dare….

Till soon


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