mid November

It has often been said that there is no other place to be but at Fogbound when DJ Yume is on. Well everyone, for the next while, you are in for a treat. DJ Yume is going to be doing 4 hour sets on Tuesdays starting Tuesday, the 15th. She will be taking the stage at 4 pm slt. till 8 pm slt. Taxi to Fogbound http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blue%20Moon%20Bay/202/53/26

steve who? gigs for the week ahead (w/c 14th Nov)

wed 16th nov at 11am slt/7pm UK; Ice Covered Lake-Akinawa;

wed 16th noth at 12noon slt/8pm UK; Foggy Docks;

thurs 17th nov at 8am slt/4pm UK; Artists Street Cafe;

thurs 17th nov at 1pm slt; The Midnight Cove Club;

sun 20th nov at 9am slt/5pm UK; Cornerstone Theater;

sun 20th nov at 12noon slt/8pm UK; Caribbean Isles Jazz Lounge;

sun 20th nov at 1pm slt/9pm UK; PARIS1900-Champs Elysees;

past shows audio streams; http://www.mixcloud.com/stevewhomusic
info; http://www.facebook.com/virtuallylivemusic

The wicked and sometimes bad boy Dj Riff is at Nat’ s Jazz Club this afternoon from 2 pm slt. till 4 pm slt. grab your ride.


Another wonderful week ahead, filled with great music! Below is the schedule for November 13-19. We hope you can join us for some fun events.
Visit our Blog! creedecoloradosl.wordpress.com

November 15
6-8 PM – Country Tunes @ The Soiled Dove Saloon!
6-8 PM – Join us at the Soiled Dove Saloon in 1890s Creede CO! DJ Henri is playing country, Americana and folk. Line and couples country dancing! Period or western attire, please. Nearby horses are available to ride and explore our amazing SIM! Yeehaw!
November 16
5-6 PM – Ichie Kamachi LIVE @ The Warehouse!
5-6 PM – Join us for a live performance by the beautiful songbird Ichie Kamachi. She kicks off our evening with jazz, blues, and a surprise or two!

6-8 PM Mystery Theme @ The Warehouse!
6-8 PM DJ Una and DJ Henri are playing some awesome tunes tonite – can you guess the theme? If you are first to guess, you will win some L$ !! Awesome tunes, great friends and lots of fun!

November 17
5-6 PM Special Event! Pirates & Vikings & Ships! Oh my!
5-6 PM Ahoy! DJ Caron kicks off the evening with music fit for sailing the seas, pillaging and plundering! Come all ye lads and lassies, or ye’d be walkin’ the plank! Fun, friends, and booty await! SKOL! Follow the Landmark below or grab one at The Warehouse entrance!

6-8 PM Pirates and Vikings and Ships! Oh my!
6-8 PM Arrrr mateys! DJ Henri takes the helm at our Pirates & Viking event! Come all ye lads and lassies, or ye’d be walkin’ the plank! Fun, friends, and booty await! Follow the Landmark below or grab one at The Warehouse entrance!

More Music with DJ Henri
November 15
Noon-2 PM DJ Henri – Cosmic Hootenanny @ Specter’s
Noon-2 PM – Come over to the Specter’s as DJ Henri spins a unique set of folk tunes from the likes of Ray LaMontagne, Aloe Blacc, Amos Lee, Emmylou Harris, Fred Neil, Shawn Colvin, Gordon Lightfoot, and Joni Mitchell. Grab your acoustic guitar and join us for some wonderful music.
Specter’s club http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Univille/20/51/44

November 19

7-9 PM DJ Henri – AFTER DARK @ Specter’s!
7-9 PM – Join DJ Henri at Specter’s for a show reminiscent of old school burlesque, with a sprinkling of spice and music that’s naughty and nice! Loosen your collar, kick off your shoes, sip a martini and enjoy!

There is always something happening on the Isle du Noir, please do yourself a favour and join their group for all the latest news. taxi below will take you to the main landing where you can get a list of the different venues.



DJ Evie--jazz, swing, elegance and class
Silhouettes, 12-2 PM SLT

DJ Annie Mesmerizer--Texas blues, and others
Voodoo Lounge, 7-9 PM SLT


DJ Speelo is at the Voodoo Lounge from 7 – 8 pm

Followed by Saxman with live sax from 8 – 9 pm slt.

Have a great week everyone…

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