December celebrations

Trowzer Boa the saxophonist, and first musician to be honored by the Marly Milena Music Library, part of the Community Virtual Library in Second Life, is an honored composer, musician, known for his original music in varying formats… Busy and constantly playing in RL, he still makes sure that he comes into SL on a regular basis to play for the fans who have supported him the last many many years.

He will be at Nat’s Jazz Club Tuesday, December 13th, at 4 pm slt. From Pennsylvania, he focuses on putting together sets for not only your listening pleasure, but to catch up with the many listeners who have been following him since his early days in SL.

In December, he will be at Nat’s Jazz Club Dec. 13 at 4 pm .. then back at December 19th. at 5 pm. slt.

With so much going on in December we are giving you advance notice, that on December 20th. Trow will be hosting a special Holiday set at the Voodoo Lounge at Isle du Noir... Trow the musician is always exploring and expanding his musical sounds. You hear such a vast variety of sounds, from simple structure and warm colours of Cuban Jazz, to an East Coast Edge that is funky blues and full of life.

So saying what can you expect on December 20th….. You know at the Voodoo Lounge there is always a high energy that is fed by the ambiance there and the “colourful natives” of the Island. In talking to the “divas” (both male and female) who come to Trow’s sets.. we hear that on the 20th. there is going to be a “holiday costume” “theme. ****NOTE ***** Time of the event on December 20th. is 5 pm slt. Spread the word.

Notecard from China to Tashi…
Trow will be at the Voodoo Lounge Dec. 20th. 5 pm slt.
Thought we could have some fun. The Jazz Snakes are such a fun creative group… with it being so close to the holiday of the 25th. We are already seeing so many different holiday outfits..
How about a December holiday “way out Xmas” outfit, something original and different .. the way only the Isle Du Noir patrons can transform themselves.
Let’s deck the red carpet with a fun “Xmas Diva (male or female) costume parade.

Come one, come all… bring out the eggnog… candy canes and peppermints…
We are going to have ourselves a Xmas Voodoo party.

DJ Peppah Spice guest DJ at Fogbound .. covering for Dj YumeTuesday, Dec. 13th. 4 pm slt. till 8 pm slt. taxi to Fogbound

The scintillating diva of Blues will be back at Fogbound at her usual time of 5 pm slt. on December 16th....DJ Yume and the Yummies will be back to entertain and keep you dancing till 7 p m slt.

Taxi to Fogbound –

Come early and be entertained by the fun and mischievous DJ Kev…. (Kevin Adams) they didn’t nickname him the prankster without reason.. come have fun – Fogbound is home of the Blues. He starts at 3 pm slt.

steve who? w/c 12th dec——> Yes this is Steve he has updated his picture…

wed 14th dec at 11am slt/7pm UK; Akimori

wed 14th dec at 1pm slt/9pm UK; Paris 1900;

thurs 15th dec at 8am slt/4pm UK; SLEA Artists Street Cafe;

thurs 15th dec at 1pm slt/9pm Uk; The Midnight Cove Club/Winter Jasmine;

sunday 18th dec at 9am slt/5pm UK; Cornerstone Theater;

sunday 18th dec at 12noon slt/8pm UK; Caribbean Isles Jazz Lounge;

sunday 18th dec at 1pm slt/9pm UK; PARIS1900;

Monday Dec 12th, 3 – 5 pm SLT The Music factory

Swinging towards the contemporary this time, with jazz classified as Post-Bop, Modern – & even Post Modern (whatever that means!)

He has jazz ensembles of various sizes, even up to big-band, & releases from 1960s to 2020s.. All thought provoking and downright fun tunes!

Taxi to the Music Factory

This is a season of much celebration… whatever you do, where-ever you go.. Enjoy! the performers and venues are focused on making sure you have a good time.. Show your appreciation.. attend and take in as much JOY as offered. Be generous. What goes round comes around.

Join groups, be in the know… celebrate and support your venues /performers/djs.

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