Trowzer Boa

Trowzer Boa and the Robot band, tonight at Nat’s Jazz Club 5pm slt. What fabulous timing, Trow will be on stage playing for you, live. His unique style, his original tunes and his renditions of old favourites, what better way than to spend an evening with your Valentine. OR… better still be your own Valentine, dress up, come and enjoy an hour in the delightful ambience of one of the foremost Jazz Clubs inworld.

Taxi to Nat’s

Mark your calendars, Trowzer Boa will be headlining @ Mardi Gras, Isle Du Noir from 6 pm. -7 pm …yes it is time for the Isle Du Noir Mardi Gras Parade. The Parade will be starting at noon, outside the Voodoo Lounge, please gather at 11:45 a.m. if you want to be in the parade.

Trowzer plays at Isle Du Noir one night a month, please watch for the dates he is performing there, usually a Tuesday, his performances are always announced through his group the Jazz Snakes, or in group notices posted in the Isle Du Noir group. It is easy to join the Jazz Snakes, if you are not already a member, go to groups in search, type The Jazz Snakes… it will pop up, and simply click Join.

Trowzer Boa is a musician in all worlds, he has played on the International stage as well as in the States. His accomplishments are numerous, we are very happy to have him join us in SL to share his unique sound.

From Cuban Jazz to to an East coast Edge his sound is funky, bluesy and full of life. Always he is original and includes many of his own musical expressions.

For more info. Please contact Trowzer Boa himself or China Dream if you are interested in having Trowzer Boa at one of your venues.

For those of you who are involved with Relay for Life here in SL, Trow played a role in the musical presentations that will be taking place later this month. He is not always available to be inSL, but his long time association and dedication to music in SL is well known and recognized by the music community in Second Life.

“Trowzer captures the essence of spontaneous jazz and the funky fun nature of Second Life in one dynamic show” – New World Notes
Classic and Original Jazz!
Another Unique Set Live at Nat’s Jazz Club! tonight Monday, Feb.13th. 5pm SLT
Formal and Classy!
Celebrating 15 Consecutive Years of SL Performances!
Detroit City (38,223,23)

See you tonight at Nat’s.

Published by China Dream

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