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I am still back inside watching the amazing troupe perform SL version of Grease. It was by chance that I saw the advert. and took myself over … it was already well underway, I saw maybe the last 20 minutes of the show. WOW I was blown away. the dancers, the singing, the backdrops, if you have the chance to catch this show.. please do yourself a favour and make the time. Every seat in the audience section was taken, it was standing room only.

Rebel Yell Studios found in the Region shown above. SLEA is Second Life Endowment for the Arts. a self governed, sustainable community of respectful creative, peaceful and like minded artist who are equal and dedicated to the Arts in SL and RL.

This is the Facebook url for the Rebel Yell Concerts Group

Lestan Cseszneky (Lestat Zalivstok) co-owner & founder of Rebel Yell Concerts, if you go to the FB page you will get links to their Tik Tok page and other links related to his creativity. the company has won many awards for productions and musicals in SL since 2012.

NB** correction, the Grease production is run and operated at SLEA by GuiltyAngel Rhapsody the co- owner in the Rebel Yell Concert Groups. Thank you GuiltyAngel for your kind words on the review and the updated info. It is GuiltyAngel and his team that put together the performance I saw yesterday!! Kudos.

Below is the schedule for the week of March 26th. We hope you can join us!!
Visit our Blog!

March 28
6-8 PM Country Tunes @ The Soiled Dove Saloon!
6-8 PM Join us at the Soiled Dove Saloon in 1890s Creede CO! DJ Henri is playing country, Americana and folk. Line and couples country dancing! Period or western attire, please. Nearby horses are available to ride and explore our amazing SIM! Yeehaw!
March 29
5-6 PM – Joaquin Gustav LIVE @ The Warehouse Speakeasy
5-6 PM – Join us as Joaquin Gustav kicks off our evening @ The Warehouse Speakeasy. Joaquin is an amazing guitarist and composer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Put on your dancing shoes and enjoy some delightful Latin sizzle!

6-8 PM Mystery Theme @ The Warehouse Speakeasy!
6-8 PM DJ Una and DJ Henri are playing some awesome tunes tonite – can you guess the theme? First person with the right answer wins some L$!!! We might even fire up the trivia machine! Awesome tunes, great friends and lots of fun!
March 30
5-6 PM DJ Speelo – JazzTRAX @ The Warehouse Speakeasy
5-6 PM Speelo kicks off our JazzTRAX evening with an hour of Radio Free Speelo – groovy, late-night FM sounds for your listening pleasure!

6-8 PM DJ Henri – JazzTRAX @ The Warehouse Speakeasy
6-8 PM If it’s Thursday, it’s JazzTRAX. This evening DJ Henri is spinning smooth and funky jazz for your listening pleasure. Relax and join us for fun, friends, and great tunes! JazzTRAX – every Thursday at The Warehouse Speakeasy – downtown music with an uptown groove.

More Music with DJ Henri
March 28
Noon-2 PM Casino Night @ Isle Du Noir!
Noon-2 PM – Luck be a lady tonight! Le Isle Du Noir, invites you to an evening at the Grand Rue Casino! DJ Henri provides musical entertainment with a Latin flair. Time to imbibe in the special Isle rum! Who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky!
March 31
7-9 PM DJ Henri – One Chord Tunes at the Voodoo Lounge
7-9 PM – Is it Friday yet? You bet it is, and DJ Henri has a fun set for you to enjoy as we usher in the weekend! One chord tunes that sound cool and are just itching to be played by the newbie guitarist! Rock, Blues, great stuff! Join the street dance!
April 01
7-9 PM DJ Henri – AFTER DARK @ Specter’s Club!
7-9 PM – Join DJ Henri at Specter’s for a show reminiscent of old school burlesque, with a sprinkling of spice and music that’s naughty and nice! Loosen your collar, kick off your shoes, sip a martini and enjoy! Taxi to main landing at dock

Other events on Isle du Noir .

Sunday DJ Klaus—classic rock, blues, other stuff
Klaus’s Film Noir Cafe, French Quarter, 2-4 PM SLT

Monday DJ Evie–jazz, swing, elegance and class
Silhouettes, 12-2 PM SLT

DJ Annie Mesmerizer–blues, mostly from Texas like Annie herself
Voodoo Lounge, 7-9 PM SLT

Tuesday DJ Henri—Cuban and Latino
Casino Night at the Grande Rue Casnio, 12-2 PM SLT

Kaneha, reading: from ‘Rebecca’ by Daphne DuMaurier
House of Persephone, 2-3:30 PM SLT

Wednesday DJ Rosa–electroswing, jazz, old stuff reimagined by recent artists, more
Silhouettes, 12-2 PM SLT

RP workshop–beginners, new Islanders, and old hands all equally welcome
Location to be announced, 2-3 PM SLT

DJ Sophie–rock, techno, EDM, other great stuff
Beachbreakers, 7 PM SLT ’til whenever everyone stops dancing 🙂

Thursday DJ Klaus’s Paint It Black–gothic, rock, jazz, more
Specter’s Club, 2-4 PM SLT

Speelosaxual Spectacular at Voodoo Lounge
DJ Speelo–jazz, rock, funk, soul, blues, anything he wants
7-8 PM SLT
saxman–live sax—jazz, blues, funk, originals
8-9 PM SLT

Friday Wes Pass—live Brazilian acoustic guitar
Beachbreakers, 12-1 PM SLT

DJ Henri: theme to be announced
Voodoo Lounge, 7-9 PM SLT

Saturday DJ Henri–After Dark–jazz, blues, burlesquey, circusy, more
Specter’s Club, 7-9 PM

Taxi to main landing, by joining the Isle Du Noir group, you will get a note card each week with the individual landings for the events listed.

Till soon.

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