Monday Dec. 6

Time to plan ladies, you might have to go shopping.. time to break out the dancing shoes and the meanest bad ass outfit you’ve got!! Men BEWARE the women will be cutting loose… shy won’t be in the house.

Taxi to Tango’s

The bad boy Trow Boa will be at Nat’s this evening Monday Dec. 6th. at 5 pm, proper dress is required.

Trow has been working on his show formats, you’ll be in for a treat if you’ve not been for awhile to one of his sets.. I won’t spoil the fun, come check him out. An evening of interpretive Jazz that will please and delight.

The winter wonderland is up at Pacifique this is an experience I wait for every year, Eclair Martinek spends a lot of time creating this winter fun for us. The landmark I’m providing takes you to the skating area.. from there you will find paths leading into the wonderful winter magic she’s laid out for you to enjoy,

I say it often, IF you like the venue and love what you see.. join the group, that is how you get all the news about what goes on and when.

Ok I’m giving you another LM for Pacifique it take you to the under water mermaid park, where you can swim and dance with the mermaids mermen and aquatic delights that are part of the park. Sometimes we need a break from the snow =^_^= LOl you will find yourself under water, explore have fun.

For my Advent Calendar chasers, I started my day by visiting Le’La Mainstore to pick up my gift while there I saw that there is a 1 linden dollarbie wall.. great pair of festive sandals ladies, you’ll feel like Cinderella. check out the store there is so much to discover, have fun.

I know, I know we only have so many slots for groups.. but here is another one that is a favourite. I was reminded of this group when I was at Le’La’s this morning…

Did I get the dress. you etcha!

It’s Monday – you’ll find Speelo at the Voodoo Lounge tonight from 7 pm -9 pm SL time, here is your taxi to the Voodoo Lounge

Happy Start to the week everyone..

Till Soon


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