Nat’s Jazz Club

Hey good morning.. where have you seen this logo before.. Right it is where Trowzer Boa plays every other week, Mondays or Tuesdays depending on the week. The club has such a wonderful relaxing atmosphere, I asked owner Linda Sautereau for a copy of her scheduled line up ..

5pm – Trowzer Boa (Mrs. K) – Jazz Sax – classic & originals (every other week) (Dec 6, etc.)
7pm – Miss Cast (Mrs. K) – jazz vocals and piano

1pm – Seba Sideways – Jazz Sax from Argentina (Dennis)
4pm – Jean Munro – jazz vocals (every other week) (Eliss)
4pm – Trowzer Boa – jazz Sax (every other week) (Eliss) (Nov 30, etc.)
5pm – DJ Speelo Snook (Eliss) – eclectic jazz & multi-genre mix
6pm – Rickylivemusic (Eliss) jazz and top 40 vocals
7-9pm – DJ Grizzly Silversmith (Eliss) – Classic Jazz & Blues


6pm – Bat Masters (Linda) – Every two weeks: see calendar or SL Events
6pm – Ichie Kamachi (Linda) – Every two weeks – see calendar of SL Events

House Stream 24/7 – Open dancing

6pm – Coltrane Shostakovich (Eliss) – Jazz Sax – classic & originals
7pm – Nina Stetner Bing (Eliss) – classic & contemporary jazz vocals
8-10pm – DJ Hugh Correia (Eliss) – All kinds of jazz

4-6pm – DJ Skytower – Straight Ahead & Cool Jazz (on temporary hiatus until January)

We visited a new store today, there is a really fun pair of shoes being offered to group members – be sure to join the group for news and to pick up any of the gifts being offered.

Ahlure main Store – taxi

Stay warm, there are a lot of fun venues open right now.. check the LL Destination site.

Till Soon


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