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Silhouettes, the premier club of Isle Du Noir Club – black tie and smooth dancing to music that have your toes tapping, and bring back a lot of memories of another era.

DJ Evie Boleyn

We attended DJ Evie’s Monday edition of jazz and blues show from 12 noon till 2 pm slt. Each Monday DJ Evie graces Silhouettes, with some of the best tunes around,

Isle du Noir Where Decopunk and old Hollywood come together to create an enchanting role play sim. Everyone is welcome. It has an allure that in unique and very much a fun place to visit and explore.

Also on the Isle Du Noir is a venue called the Voodoo Lounge. ”

Imagine if you will an old voodoo shop in the French Quarter of a tropical island in the 1940s called Le Isle du Noir. This is The Voodoo Lounge. Every party is a street party like Mardi Gras. Guests dance in front of the venue and the artists spin or play on the balcony.

We specialize in jazz and blues. Currently we have two events a week, Mondays at 7pm SLT we have Speelo Snook DJing his special blend of music along with his commentary from decades of experience playing live music. Speaking of live music, We have saxman66, who plays live saxophone on Thursdays at 7PM.

Even though it’s an RP sim the dress code is relaxed. We attract the residents of the Isle, fans of the artists, and anyone else who enjoys great music! 􀀀

You’ll find DJ Speelo at the Voodoo Lounge

If you want more information on the Voodoo Lounge, contact David Littman, or if you like what you see when you visit Isle Du Noir, join the group, it is a friendly and fun place to hang out. Always something fun going on.

Till soon

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