Nat’s Jazz Club

An evening out at Nat’s Jazz Club means, refined dining, dancing, friends catching up, great entertainment, all in an atmosphere that invites you to relax and simply enjoy. This venue is well established and has been around long enough to have its “regular” patrons. You’ll find an international crowd, everyone is there to enjoy … to kick back and relax either on their own or with friends

How do we support and ensure that the clubs we enjoy not only survive, but thrive. We all know the performers have tip boards, most venues also have a tip jar out. At Nat’s its the big shoe that is usually off to Linda’s left. In Trow’s set up, he has a big board off in the background with his Robot band. (Trowzer Boa -performer – Sax)

Last night was another successful evening of great music. Were you part of the experience.. psst Nat’s is a great place to meet up with other musicians and performers its one of “the” places to hang out =^_^= you didn’t hear it here — (is that JC Farstrider and his gorgeous wife .. oohhh and is that Speelo “cutting the rug”) (the tall blonde is an artist from Arizona, the mystery man is visiting from Scotland and… lol ) Telling you.. check this place out!

Today Dec.14th Tuesday, at Nat’s, you’ll find (check the board outside at the entrance for any last minute changes)

1 pm. Seba Sideways – Jazz Sax from Argentina

4 pm Jean Munro – jazz vocals

5 pm DJ Speelo Snook Taxi to Nat’s

Till Soon


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