Yesterday was a lucky day, we were introduced to the talented Xander Nichting, Electric Violinist. He was at the Xmas Market @ Angel Manor Estates. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//8/217/22

Our own Steve Who, caught me on, and invited me to join him.. What a bonus event to an already busy day. It is always good to listen to one’s intuition, I had not intended on logging on, but I did, and voila, thanks to Steve, we now all know about another fantastic artist.

I met up with Xander’s manager Lilia Clarity who sent me some background info on Xander. Here is a link to a website MySpace: http://www.MySpace.com/XanderNichting. Xander is violinist, solo-artist, musical director, composer and arranger, whose music covers all styles and influences from Classical, Swing, Jazz, New Age, R&B, Celtic, Bluegrass, and World Folk.

For bookings and to find out his schedule .. contact Lilia Docherty

Thanks Steve!

Steve Who

With the holidays, check Steve’s calendar for his dates and times. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_sFuqXUiE04US1xrUT7SDZbQpoql-IDph0t4ImEmOuI/edit#gid=129089261 Better still join his group, then you won’t miss any of this “performances”

Mark your calendars, another saxophonist, Trow Boa, will be back at Nat’s Jazz Club next Tuesday, Dec. 28th.- you can work off all that turkey, pudding and egg nog while dancing on one of the best dance floors on the grid.

Your limo to Nat’s Jazz Club http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Detroit%20City/12/218/24

Q & China

From all of us at Virtual News 8 we wish you & yours the very best over the holidays, Peace to one and all.

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