Sax with Trow

Winding down from a busy couple of days, is it time for YOU… Time for you to put your feet up and listen to some of the best music in SL. Then tonight is the time for you to dust off that special outfit that will show off your “shine”. Come and dine, dance and just RELAX. Trow’s show begins at 5 PM Slt. Taxi is under the Nat’s weclome sign.

Nat’s Jazz Club is home to so many wonderful entertainers and long standing residents of SL that it is fitting that Trow get us off to another wonderful week of celebrations in our own “hmoe town” favourite club Nat’s Jazz club.. Find your taxi under the club Join group sign you see above.

We had a lot of fun leading up to the holidays, while our favourite shops/designers were busy working their fingers to the bone making sure we had a lot of holiday cheer to hunt out and enjoy. No one was left with nothing to do, find or explore. The malls were beautifully decked out, advent trees were in most establishments and there were plenty of novel and new outfits for the fashionistas and “beautiful” people to find and be seen in.

It was too early for me to interview the owner, Sassy Gassner Composer, but I’m passing along her mission statement. ( her Christmas gift is still out in the shop!)

I Take pride in my designs. I sell most all of my Designs as Complete Outfits(All Accessories). If I won’t wear it I dont sell it. Mostly Mesh for the mesh body’s. I do some appliers. I am Very Much Customer Oriented. I have worked very hard to get my store where it is today.
I am blessed with a Great! following. Join !CGF/Composer Girls Fashion Group and recieve FREE NEW RELEASES!

Ladies, she has ladies and men’s outfits.. so many of you like to shop with or for your beaux’s

I wish I had room to give you all the wonderful shops that were visited over the last few weeks, check back issues for more locations.. The merchants of SL worked long hours to ensure we had a lot of fun shopping. New Year Galas and parties are already happening.. come on everyone, let’s shop!

That’s right after an hour of Sax, if you are Nat’s tonight you will get to hear the off the wall DJ Speelo take to the stage with his inventory of music – open to your requests you may want to ensure you have your dancing shoes on and ready to dance into the night.

This is a small club for patrons and friends of SugareeRose… this gal has been around since my early days, and believe me she can dish out the best of the best when it comes to listening pleasure. You looking for something different, a place to unwind and simply enjoy, check out her new club.

Mondays 5PM SLT DJ Scarett Qi and Logan
Tuesday’s 8PM SLT (Sugaree and Kyle)
Wednesday’s Nouveau sings at 3100 7PM SLT
Thursday’s ‘Dance Party’ 8PM SLT (Sugaree and Alexa)
Fridays’s 8PM SLT (Sugaree and Alexa)
Saturday 8PM SLT (Sugaree and Kyle)

Start your week off with Trow… Limo to Nat’s

Till soon everyone..


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