Steve Who

Our “busker” Steve Who has got his schedule out for January.

gigs are recorded here; and fb page is;

his group url is; secondlife:///app/group/af55906e-8192-b45e-0f06-59f6240b60d8/about

regular gigs are; The street cafe at 8am slt every thurs SLurl;

Franks Jazz 12-2pm slt every week on Fridays EXCEPT 7th, SLurl;

debut at The Secret Club on Friday 7th Jan at 1pm;

CORNERSTONE THEATRE-saxational sundays at 9am slt; every 1st and 3rd sunday (2nd Jan and 16th Jan) SLurl;

Il Fenicottero Ballroom(Flamingo Bay) 2 weekly (6th Jan and 20th Jan);

Black Thai Ballroom every week Saturdays at 12noon;

PARIS 1900 on 2nd Wednesday and also 3rd Sunday every month 1-2 pm slt(same);

taxi to Sofia

We were here earlier and found a terrific find. The shop is offering all of the items it had in the Advent event, in one package, plus 3 extra gowns, all for 750L this is a fantastic offer, I got it, there is jewelry to go with the gowns, and beautiful shoes… I am still opening boxes. Sofia gowns are offered at many of the big events you visit every month, here at the shop you get to see it all.

Taxi to Beloved

Fine Jewelry Since 2008. Texture Change Jewelry, Gemstone Jewellery, Fine Jewelry, Bento Wedding Rings, Engagement Sets, Bridal Jewelry, Choker Necklaces & Collars, Earrings in Gold & Silver, Diamond Tiaras, Medieval & Elf & Vintage Jewelry, Free Gifts.

Hey, here is some info on Black Thai where Steve will be playing.. I see that JC Farstrider is also one of the headliners there… hmmm who else will we find> Join their group =^_^= note.. if you arrive unprepared, those boxes in front of the rules notice, are free outfits to tide you over… till you can go shop!!!

taxi to Black Thai

The grounds are inviting, you will not only be well entertained, you will have the opportunity to explore and look around, JC and his wife (Italia Cassini) have done a tremendous job in building a fantasy wonderland for you.

Till soon


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