Yume Yoshikawa

Start the New Year off right, tomorrow January 4th. Tuesday, Yume will be doing her regular Tuesday set at Fogbound, from 6pm – 8 pm slt. (click logo for taxi)

This is her schedule for the month.

January 2022 Yume’s Spin Schedule

Tues. Jan. 04: 6pm – 8pm SLT – Fogbound Tuesday
Wed. Jan. 05: 7pm – 9pm SLT – Tango’s Disco Inferno
Fri. Jan. 07: 5pm – 9pm SLT – Fogbound Friday
Fri. Jan. 07: 7pm – 9pm SLT – Tango’s British Invasion
Tues. Jan. 11: 6pm – 8pm SLT – Fogbound Tuesday
Wed. Jan. 12: 7pm – 9pm SLT – Tango’s Sister Acts, Girl Groups & Singers
Fri. Jan. 14: 5pm – 9pm SLT – Fogbound Friday
Fri. Jan. 14: 7pm – 9pm SLT – Tango’s Sw

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Have fun checking things out.. Till soon


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