Chinese New Year

To say I was delighted when I saw DJ Henri was going to be doing something for Chinese New Year would be an understatement. Here is your taxi to the event.

Mark your calendars.. Trow Boa will be at the Warehouse on February 3. Thursday– from 5 pm – 6 pm SL time. taxi

He will be followed Feb.3rd. from 6 – 8 pm by DJ Henri Jazz TRAX

While you are thinking Smokestack, February 6th.. pencil in DJ Dee @ Smokestack Lightning Blues... DJ Dee is at it again, she is being naughty and inviting you all to join her for an evening of Low down dirty Blues – ladies, she’s not shy!!!

While you are thinking Smokestack, DJ Dee has given me heads up, Thursday, February 3 rd ALL DAY, they will be presenting Canadian Blues!!!! Taxi


Not to be forgotten is our Asian beauty, DJ. Yume Yoshikawa – who has regular gigs at Fogbound Blues and Tango’s. Watch for her theme nights in a future blog.

Fogbound Blues – Tuesday nights 6 pm – 8 p.m and Friday evenings 5 pm – 7 pm

Tango’s Wednesday evenings.. 7 p m – 9 pm. and Friday evenings 7 pm – 9 pm.

Steve Who

February gigs booked are; (supplied by Steve)

Akikaze Ballroom weekly on Wednesdays 8am;

Les Copains Encore(LCE) debut wed 2nd Feb at 1pm;

Kondor Art Center(exhibition opening)-debut-thurs 3rd Feb;

The street cafe/Crystal Carnival Reception at 8am slt every thurs SLurl;

Il Fenicottero Ballroom every 2weeks(Feb 3rd and 17th) at 1pm;

Franks Jazz 12-2pm slt every week on Fridays, SLurl;

Sax on the Beach every week saturdays at 12 noon;

Le Club Pigale debut on sat 5th Feb at 1pm;

CORNERSTONE THEATRE-saxational sundays at 9am slt; every 1st and 3rd sunday (6th and 20thFeb) SLurl;

PARIS 1900 on 2nd wednesday and also 3rd sunday every month(wed 9th Feb and sunday 20th) 1-2 pm slt(same);


This is a teaser, watch for the next issue, JC Farstrider and the lovely talented Italia Cassini are having an event you won’t want to miss. February 14th. Wonderland Valentine’s Day. It will take place from 3 pm SLT. Stay tuned.

Till soon


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