Feb 3- don’t miss out!!

Are you ready? How long you been attending one of his shows.. we decided to give him a voice.. Taken from the performer’s lips himself —

“I love fusing styles, and music that is a fusion of styles, but I also am not a fan of most of what would be categorized as “jazz fusion”. When people hear “jazz” they think the 2 extremes – elevator music like smooth jazz, or avant-garde crazy jazz. One could say I do soulful instrumental music, my music is a fusion of jazz. My shows are blend of classic jazz to contemporary and world music.”

Hear the great man himself at the Warehouse, your taxi awaits – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/xFire/181/150/1201

When you arrive at the Warehouse, sign up for their group or subscribe, we missed the Blues Sisters, they were there yesterday… now there are two ladies you want to catch… find out when they will be playing next.. ** DJ Una & DJ Henri (aka The Blues Sisters) have been DJing back to back for 10 years. These engaging ladies are experienced melomaniacs, known for their wide variety of music genres and fun antics with their audiences.**


Today Thursday February 3. starting at 2 pm slt. going all day. You have no reason to miss out the opportunity to check it out. Canadian Blues

Your taxi to this amazing Canadian Blues at Smokestack http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Smokestack%20Lightning/40/224/22


While you are there, take a Landmark.- mark your calendars Feb. 6th. from 8 – 10 pm SLtime – DJ Dee will be spinning her well known set of Dirty Blues… be warned guys this is adult entertainment, come and have fun..be prepared.. Canadians know how to party!

Till soon


ps...did you just see the Mad Hatter, he fell down the rabbit hole…oh dear oh dear, check the wabbit watch.. be ready for Feb.14th. fun with ….. ooops did I just see Italia duck behind the Queen of Hearts…

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