Jazz at its finest

How lucky are we to be able to enjoy live Sax right in our own living rooms/offices, Trowzer Boa will be performing live tomorrow .. Tuesday, May 3, 2022.. at Nats Jazz Club at 4 pm slt.

Taxi. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Detroit%20City/27/168/25

Nats jazz Club is an upscale Jazz club owned and operated by the lovely talented Linda Sautereau – please dress code formal – semi formal.


Saxophonist Steve Who?

steve who? shows this week beginning w/c 2nd May;

Wed 4th—>8am slt at BORDERLESS;

Wed 4th–> 11am Moonlit River;

Wed 4th—> 12noon Foggy Docks

Thurs 5th 8am at SLEA7,- caffe d’essai-MACHINIMA.LAND;

Thurs 5th 1pm at Midnight Cove Club;

Friday 6th 1pm at AFRICA LIVE;

Sat 7th at 12 noon at Black Thai

Sun 8th 1pm Jazz Beau’s

The Trowzer Boa “Experience” is a happening. If you’ve missed it … take note, it is Trow playing Sax with an abandon that is freeing for all of us who love to dance, and move to his magical and intoxicating rhythms. Last night he was at the Music Factory where the atmosphere and dance floor is conducive for freestyle or dance movements that allow for artistic expression in movement.

May 10 th. Trow will be at Le isle Du Noir on the red carpet (Voodoo Lounge), this is another venue where we (avatars who love to dance) can shine. Here you can give full expression to your dance moves. Dress is informal, you can show case your moves with outfits that make YOU looks sensational.

There are those who would imitate Trow, but there is only one Trowzer Boa, his style his way of playing is unique and his alone.. He is like the pied piper of dance. He puts that Sax to his lips and plays in a manner that defies resistance. Don’t be shy, we all love to showcase our personal style, if you have questions, I (China) will be happy to help you, or direct you to who can. Trow is taking his sets to another level so we can enjoy not only by listening to his music, but participating. The more you move and get into the music, , the more he’ll lead you into unknown heights of dance utopia.

Isle du Noir is a mysterious and magical place. A lot happens there, book your time there May 10.2022 at 6 pm slt. come early, explore. Maybe find a place to call your own..

The landmark I’ve provided for you today will take you to the Silhouettes club on Isle Du Noir where at noon today from 12- 2 pm slt. DJ Evie will provide 2 hours to music, blues, swing, jazz and more for you to enjoy.,

DJ Evie

Till soon…



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