News, news, news

Yay, it’s Tuesday May 3rd. what does that mean.. it means ladies and gents that the one and only Sensational Saxophonist Trowzer Boa will take to the stage at Nats Jazz Club in Detroit tonight at 4 pm slt.

Yes, you get to shake off the week-end and dance yourself into a foot loose and fancy free week. Limbering for his set at the Warehouse Speakeasy, Thursday at 5 pm slt.

Speaking of the Warehouse.. look what just came in….

Spring must be in the air at Isle Du Noir... while reading my morning news, I found this in my IN box.

Isle Du Noir is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of Gabrielle Zsun’s Casino on Tuesday, May 10 from 12-2pm SLT. Put on your swanky clothes, add some bling to your wardrobe, or be as debonair as James Bond, as you play Greedy, Pentadee, Blitz 31, Pool, and more! Our island’s own femme fatale, Postmistress Sophie Nightwish will bring us a mystery DJ

The 10th of May..will be a fun filled day.. Casino opening, and then an evening of SAX with Trowzer Boa at the Voodoo Lounge. 6 pm slt. ladies and gents.


DJ News.

DJ Speelo is not missing in action. SL’s own super action DJ is on a special assignment and will be away for awhile. There is a void in many clubs across the grid, but Speelo is not far.. just away. Let’s wish him all the very best in positive and healing energy. Keep him in our hearts.. he’ll soon be back… meanwhile Speelo you are missed.

OK guys and gals, get those dancing shoes ready.. Trow will be on stage at Nats Jazz Club at 4 pm slt.

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