News from the Beach

Wow so much to tell. LOL I by chance went to Isle du Noir this afternoon, and lucky me, I landed in time to enjoy the last half hour of a new event.

I missed the opening, but the bathing beauties that were still there made for a breathtaking time. This will be a regular event at Isle Du Noir, please join their group so you can keep on top of the many events they have.

Tonight at the Voodoo Lounge veteran DJ Dick Penilli who has been entertaining folks for years with his huge inventory of music will be filling in for DJ Henri who is off enjoying a couple of weeks of R & R

You can find Dick by taking this taxi. His set will start at 7 pm. slt.


For your Blues fix, DJ Yume and the Yummies will be at Fogbound tonight, May 6th. at 5 pm slt. Here is your taxi to Fogbound…


Tonight at 5 pm slt. DJ Nick will do his last set before heading out on a long awaited cruise. taxi to his set


AND – mark your calendars.. May 9th. the one and only Sensational Saxophone performer, Trowzer Boa will be at Nats Jazz Club. What better way to start a new week but with the pied piper of sensuous physical movement** ..

On May 10th… the Trowzer Boz Exerience will be at the Voodoo Lounge – at, yes.. Isle du Noir

** sensuous physical movement = music inspired dancing.

Till soon..


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