New week, May 8th.

May 9th. at Nats Jazz Club

There has been a lot of hype.. finally the day has arrived, join the throng of merry makers, Tuesday, May 10. 12 noon – 2 slt.

Tuesday May 10 at 6 pm

Your personal taxi to the Voodoo Lounge – Isle du Noir TROW will take to the red carpet at the Voodoo Lounge, at 6 pm slt. Tuesday May 10.

steve who? shows week beginning 9th May;

wed 11th; 8am BORDERLESS;

wed 11th; 11am Moonlit River;

wed 11th; 1pm PARIS 1900;

thurs 12th; 8am Caffe D’Essai;

thurs 12th 1pm; Midnight Cove Club;

sunday 15th 9am Cornerstone outdoor Theater;

sunday 15th 1pm PARIS 1900

Note for followers of DJ Blue Lou he is now on Tuesdays 6 pm slt. catch your private taxi here…..

For all you Blues fans out there that have been yearing for good old fashion blues, DJ Dick Penelli is back in SL, he played last Friday at the Voodoo Lounge in Isle Du Noir, and got rave reviews… if you are interested in catching him before he moves on…. you’ll find him this Friday May 13th. at the Voodoo Lounge from 7 pm 9 pm slt.


There is a new group in SL started by and hosted by DJ performer and entrepenour Riff Gaffer – the group is called Jazz is the music to rock your soul.

The Greatest Music.
The Best DJ’s
Amazing Venues
This is your one-stop shop for musical entertainment in Second Life

You might want to give it a look.. secondlife:///app/group/aa6f30b0-d26b-530e-ab1f-9a43f77801b2/about

Where is DJ Henri – she has taken 2 weeks off.. you’ll see her back very soon.

The Warehouse speakeasy

Till soon


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