May 16..

Tuesday … May 17th. 4 pm slt. Trowzer Boz Experience will be in full swing at Nats Jazz Club in Detroit. This will be your only opportunity to hear Trow this week, come on out.. Join in the fun..

The heat is revving up, we are expriencing heat waves that are breaking records and we are still in May. Right now and times like this, we are so fortunate to have such wonderful peformers and entertainers in SL (Second Life) AND let us not forget the venues themselves. ie. Nats Jazz Club…Detroit… the Warehouse, The Music Factory, Tango’s, Smokestack.. Fogbound to name a few.. The owners work so hard to ensure that our talented musicians and DJs that we love so much have a place to perform, giving us a place to hang out and meet with friends.

Show appreciation… we are so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing creativity.

Usually the focus is on the performers, I wanted to remind us all about the hard work and dedication of the venue owners and their staff who maintain the clubs/theatres etc. for our (SL) talent to showcase their work/creativity. I wish I had the space to give them all a shout out today .. but.. by keeping in touch with this publication, you will get to meet many more as our talent branches out over and around SL (Second Life)

steve who? shows week beginning 16th May;

wed 18th; 8am slt/4pm UK; Akinawa Beach;

wed 18th; 11am slt/7pm UK; Moonlit River;

wed 18th; 12 noon slt/8pm UK; Foggy Docks;

thurs 19th; 8am slt/4pm UK; SLEA Street Cafe;

thurs 19th; 1pm slt/9pm UK; Midnight Cove Club;

sunday 22nd; 1pm slt/9pm UK; Jazz Beau’s;

What is the Trowzer Boa Experience – if you are new to SL then it is something to look forward to. There is only one Trowzer Boa, currently you will find him at Nats Jazz Club once a week (Monday or Tuesdays), he is booked at the Warehouse Speakeasy usually first Thursday of the month, and at the Voodoo Lounge (Isle du Noir) once a month.(Usually a Tuesday 6 pm slt)

As time permits, there will be other events.. you will hear about them here. Look for some summer fun!

Till soon


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