Summer edition

This is your taxi to the Pacifique landing, from there you can visit all the many scenic locations, Note to photo enthusiasts.. this is a sim that will inspire you and give you plenty of opportunities for some amazing photos.

There is entertainment almost every night.. Monday is DJ KJ a Canadian DJ 5-7 pm.

Tuesday, DJ Matt – 6 – 8 a seasoned spinner who takes you on a variety of musical adventures. Wednesday seasoned DJ who will entertain you with an assortment of themes.. DJ Kirt 5- 7 pm Thursday, the amazing DJ Peachie, she has played at Pacifique for the last 13 years.. 6 – 8 pm

Friday, DJ Nick, this is another Dj with a very ecclic library of tunes to share with you. 5 – 7 pm

Saturday, DJ Jewel 5 – 7 pm Sunday DJ Sandy, again another DJ who has a great assortment of tunes, Pacifique is where you go to check it out and end up staying to not miss anything that is happening.

Monday, June 20 pm 5 pm slt.

Note… this will be Trow’s last gig in SL for awhile, he has a busy RL schedule, but has advised that if an opening comes up, he may be doing a pop up set.. best to make sure you are in Jazz Snake group to hear of any surprise sets.

DJ Yume

DJ Yume, is a regular at FogBound Blues.. Tuesday and Fridays

always you’ll find her at Tango’s Wednesday’s and Fridays.

Where will you find DJ Dick Pinelli? Voodoo Lounge at Isle Du Noir

Have you been to Isle du Noir yet? This is a hidden gem full of places to explore and venues to visit. This taxi will take you to the wharf where you will be able to sit, watch the boats come and go, explore the quaint little shops, sneak a sweet with a latte at Zoe’s Cafe. Sure we could give you the LM to the different clubs, but then you would miss out on another fun event.

We suggest you join the Isle du Noir group. In this way you get to chat and visit with the citizens of this extraordinary hideaway, and hear about all the different events that take place there. i.e the Casino, the Burlesque club, the French Quarter… This is one place you will never be bored.

This is one amazing talent, DJ Henri

DJ Henri is a talent to be searched out and enjoyed. She DJ’s not only at her club (her co-owner is Robby Lock) the Warehouse Speakeasy, but you will find her on stage in the French Quarter at Isle Du Noir .. and more recently she will be sharing the stage with the burlesque queen Betty Dubois

Warehouse Speakeasy –

Other locations… shown in this post.. Smokestack Lightning currently not open.


Foggy Docks, Lovers Bay Home of DJ Riffs Jazz Music Rocks your Soul

A lot to take in… during the summer we will be publishing less, but we will continue to gather information to share with you.

Till soon


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