September 10

There is a nip in the air, you can feel that soon the season will begin to change, summer will fade into fall. Already on my walk yesterday, I could see that leaves have begun to change, edges are that brilliant crimson that begins to embroider along the various shades of green still reaching out into the skies.

In SL we have our own intoxicating music in the guise of saxophonist Trowzer Boa. He will be making his weekly appearance at Nats Jazz Club a venue so well known for its night life. Nats features some of the best in SL, and Trow is a regular there, he plays Mondays 5 pm slt. one week, and Tuesdays 4 pm slt. the next.

Since he began playing in SL some 14/15 years ago he has had to cut back on his performances in SL due to his heavy work schedule in RL, often playing with a number of different bands in one week. Take advantage of his time in SL don’t miss an opportunity to hear him perform some of his own original music as well as his interpretive style on old classics.

Trowzer Boa – this week, September 12. 6 pm. slt.

We encourage you to join the performers groups, of if there is a venue you are fond of, and like to go to, join their group, in this way, you are able to keep abreast of where you favourite performer(s) will be playing. Many performers /artists will post their information in their profile as well, especially if they play at regular events and clubs.

I will give you examples of the notices you will get.. I missed an evening with DJ Henri last Friday that I so wish I could have attended. However real life does get in the way !!

When you belong to a group, you will get a notice like the ones I have shown you here. Most clubs post earlier in the day, to give you advance notice so you can plan.

With the passing of the Royal Monarch in the UK, I noted yesterday that many of the clubs/venues were low in attendance. This happens, world events do affect us in SL, why our patrons are from all over the world. SL is one of the places you can socialize with guests from different countries, many different time zones, that is why ALL times posted in SL use SL time.

Due to demands on our time at the moment, we will go to press less often, if you have news or events you would like posted, we require that you send information to us in the form of a note card, posters/pictures must all be Full Perm.

The places we usually post… all have groups and they are very good at informing their audience of the events taking place in their establishments,

You will find this sim to be not only a place to explore – it is perfect for pictures – and every night there is an event, check the listings.

Till soon… take care … explore and enjoy!


Published by China Dream

TAOIST Life is Art (Perfect Liberty precept #1) contact info.- via blogs --- there are two energies, Yin and Yang = ONE ---to have balance we must live each moment of our lives.. with Makoto (sincerity) The only constant in life is change. I am grounded in the reality of Living. This is true, in all worlds. RL or virtual. I am me and only me.

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