Sept. mid month

DJ extraordinaire Yume Yoshikawa – where is she? Having had to explain her absence, we thought to put it in this post.. DJ Yume has had to take an extended leave from SL, she is well, just overloaded with “life” in the concrete jungle .. and hopes to come back as soon as she is able to. Meanwhile she sends all her friends and fans a greeting of love and thanks you all for your ongoing friendships. As soon as we know when she will be coming back we will be posting the news.. Keep watching.

In our mailbox this morning we found this wonderful set called Saskia, from Beloved Jewelry Designer and owner Kimbra McMillan has given us the store’s blog. Please have a look, she is always coming up with new ideas. She is not only one of the best in SL she is consistent and has had years here, and a very loyal following.

Blog :


DJ Henri can be found depending n the day (date) at venues associated with the Warehouse Speakeasy, or Isle Du Noir. She will be at Specter’s on September 20th. at noon 12: pm. Specter’s is on Isle Du Noir, on Fridays she is at the Voodoo Lounge, at 7 pm slt. Voodoo is also on Isle du Noir.

Warehouse Speakeasy

Isle Du Noir note there are so many activities that take place on Isle du Noir, we have given you the landing LM, from there you can see the various events posted, as well as pick up a notecard that has all the venues listed on it. Isle Du Noir is active and fun, there is a lot to discover and enjoy there at almost any time of day. Residents come from very different time zone. If you like adventure and mystery, they are full swing into a drama with their role play.. feel free to visit, just take care.. I met a mercenary this morning, or was she Police.. =^_^= (Liv Oblivion) whatever, she means business.

Yup that is a big gun she is wearing, and she knows how to use it!!!

Due to the Queen’s passing (UK) there are many venues and sims that have cut back or slowed down since patrons/visitors are attending to LIFE outside of SL. If you are looking for places to explore and visit, consider visiting Isle Du Noir if you haven’t done so yet.

If you missed this bit of news, DJ Speelo is back, and you will find him at the Voodoo Lounge on Isle Du noir, Nats’ Jazz club in Detroit, and yes.. he is also at the Warehouse Speakeasy. How do you find him .. where and dates.. he has updated his profile, you will find information there, or please.. if you have the space, join his group. Check his picks # 1 through 5. His name if you do a search is Speelo Snook

picture on his profile, so you know you got it! although heaven forbid there be more than one Speelo

Speaking of Nats’ Jazz Club, you will find the well known saxophonist Trowzer Boa and his robot band there this coming Tuesday Sept. 20th. 4 pm slt.

Enjoy your week-end everyone!

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