Jan 15

Two evenings of Trowzer Boa, yes, this week, you will get to see and hear Trow twice, on Monday, January 16th. Trow will be at Nat’s Jazz Club- Detroit. @5 pm slt. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Detroit%20City/27/192/25

“Trowzer captures the essence of spontaneous jazz and the funky fun nature of Second Life in one dynamic show” – New World Notes
Classic and Original Jazz!
Another Unique live Set can be enjoyed whenever Trow takes to the stage.
Celebrating 15 Consecutive Years of SL Performances!

Tuesday, January 17th. Trow will be on the red carpet, Voodoo Lounge, @ 5 pm. slt. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isle%20Du%20Noir/108/41/1985

DJ Yume plays Tuesday, January 17th.at 6 pm slt. and Friday, January 20th, at 5 pm slt. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blue%20Moon%20Bay/185/67/25

Isle du Noir events
Week of Sun Jan 15


DJ Klaus-— classic rock, blues, other stuff
Klaus’s Film Noir Cafe, French Quarter, 2-4 PM SLT

Monday DJ Evie– jazz, swing, elegance and class
Silhouettes, 12-2 PM SLT

DJ Annie Mesmerizer— blues, mostly from Texas like Annie herself
Voodoo Lounge, 7-9 PM SLT

Tuesday DJ Henri–theme to be announced
Specter’s Club, 12-2- PM SLT

Kaneha ==continuing her reading of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘The Hound of the Naskervilles’, featuring Mr. Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective
House of Persephone (French Quarter, across from Voodoo Lounge), 2 PM SLT

Wednesday DJ Rosa–electroswing, jazz, old stuff reimagined by recent artists, more Silhouettes, 12-2 PM SLT

Thursday DJ Klaus--‘Paint it Black’–rock, gothic, other
Specter’s Club, 2-4 PM

Speelosaxual Spectacular at Voodoo Lounge
DJ Speelo–jazz, rock, funk, soul, blues, anything he wants
7-8 PM SLT
saxman--live sax—jazz, blues, funk, originals
8-9 PM SLT

Friday DJ Esme–mostly rock
Beachbreakers, 1-3 PM SLT

DJ Henri--rock, jazz, blues, country, you name it–more R&B, soul this week
Voodoo Lounge, 7-9 PM SLT

More Music with DJ Henri
January 17
Noon-2 PM DJ Henri – Tribute to Jeff Beck @ Specter’s
Noon-2 PM – From the Yardbirds to collaboration with Johnny Depp, Jeff Beck’s music spanned over the course of 6 decades. He was a brilliant and innovative guitarist whose music extended from blues and hard rock, into jazz fusion and electronica. Over the course of his career, Jeff Beck won 8 Grammys and was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
January 20
7-9 PM DJ Henri – Soul Train @ The Voodoo Lounge
7-9 PM – Is it Friday yet? You bet it is, and what better way to shake off those workday blues than to get your ticket for the Soul Train! DJ Henri continues your musical journey to the South for some righteous, gospel sounds. All aboard!
January 21
7-9 PM DJ Henri – AFTER DARK @ Specter’s Club!
7-9 PM – Join DJ Henri at Specter’s for a show reminiscent of old school burlesque, with a sprinkling of spice and music that’s naughty and nice! Loosen your collar, kick off your shoes, sip a martini and enjoy!

Landmark to main landing.. find the landmark you want there.. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isle%20Du%20Noir/229/83/33

Late, we know, this advert came in too late for us to get it to you on time, however, we are posting it to you so you will have the information, Kent Nowicka has these classes on a fairly regular basis, you might want to touch base with him, and get on his waiting list. /this is an excellent course to help you with your photography if you are new to the hobby. And/or, pass it along.. there are so many budding photographers in SL… this is a great resource to have .

We have been experiencing technical difficulties.. posts may not be as frequent till internet issues are cleared up. thank you for your understanding. Q and China.

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