Gratitude fills my heart when I see pictures or read something that reminds me of friends/family, past and present who have shared time/memories in my life. As time moves along, and some memories fade … others are born and are alive in our thoughts/prayers.

Make the best use of materials and money. You can do different things as materials and money play their roles. How to make them work is important.

Perfect Liberty 2023.16

Most important, is to take the time to listen to your own thoughts/feelings/needs… charity begins at home. How often do you put your own “needs” aside .. because.. sometimes that is not a good enough reason… If you can’t determine or know what makes you happy .. how can you possibly expect someone else to.


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TAOIST Life is Art (Perfect Liberty precept #1) contact info.- via blogs --- there are two energies, Yin and Yang = ONE ---to have balance we must live each moment of our lives.. with Makoto (sincerity) The only constant in life is change. I am grounded in the reality of Living. This is true, in all worlds. RL or virtual. I am me and only me.

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