Bogenherz Swansong

Bo’s been around both in SL and RL .. A working musician in RL he has had personal experiences with many bands, playing different styles of music. A naturally creative person, Bo has enjoyed playing in different venues in SL .. I found him at Smokestack Lightning Blues Club where he was doing a set earlier this week. Tuesdays 4 PM (every week)

Bo has a stream, it can be found here

More on DJ Bo in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned.

China Dream

Yume Yoshikawa

I’ve known this lady a long time. It is my pleasure to introduce you to DJ Yume Yoshikawa, This Asian talent has been in SL a long time, and has many followers. If you have not had the chance to enjoy her multi talented shows.. have a look.

She is classy, wild and beautiful. She spins the Blues, big bands, swing, contemporary jazz, latin jazz, old school R & B. Electric Blues, Soul, Mowtown, and and..

To find out where she is playing and at what times, join her group. Here is a link for her broadcasts online. copy and paste

Tuesdays, she can be found at FogBound Blues 6pm -8 pm

Wednesdays – Tango’s 7 pm – 9 pm http://larius River (58,191,14)

Fridays – Fogbound Blues 5 pm – 7 pm.

Friday – Tango’s 7 pm – 9 p